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5 Best Features of the iPhone 14 Series

Check them out below.

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Comparing the new iPhone 14 to older versions is probably one of the better pastimes for iPhone lovers. But how does the iPhone 14 compare to the iPhone 13 or earlier? Although there are fewer massive upgrades compared to previous versions, the iPhone14 has some improvements.  Be sure to keep your new iPhone 14 safely secured within an iPhone 14 case or an iPhone 14 Pro case.

Here are five of the best features of the iPhone 14.

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Better Camera

iPhone lovers know that with every upgrade, they can look forward to a better camera. The iPhone 14 definitely delivers in this department. You can take photos in lower light with the new aperture settings. You’ll get less camera shake with Action Mode, which you can find in the camera app. The front-facing camera has an autofocus feature, ensuring your selfies will always be in focus.

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Photography lovers will appreciate the simulated bokeh effect and vivid colors this camera produces. Professional photographers will love that they can use ProRAW for their 48 MP photos.

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For those looking to zoom in, you can get a continuous zoom effect when taking photos or videos from a medium to close range. The iPhone 14 has one extra step between the wide 1x and the telephoto 3x.

Satellite Service for Emergencies

You’ll appreciate this new upgrade if you have been stranded in a remote location without cellular service. The iPhone 14 offers a satellite service that will let you make emergency phone calls even though you don’t have cellular or internet service. Once you connect to the service, you’ll be asked questions such as, “Are you lost?” Your iPhone will then contact the nearest service station so that you can get more help.

If you are unable to call, you can also text emergency services via satellite. Text messages will take about 15 seconds. However, if you are surrounded by trees and dense foliage, it may take up to a minute.

You can also use the satellite service to share your location with your contacts if someone needs to come and find you. Whether you got caught in a snowstorm, stranded on a deserted road, lost while out hiking or in an unfamiliar area, this new satellite service can save your life.

Always-On Display

Previous versions of the iPhone were set up so that you had to unlock your screen whenever you needed to check for notifications or any live activity. The iPhone 14 has an always-on display, so you can still see all your phone’s activity even when you’re not using it. For example, you won’t have to punch in your password to check the time. Plus, the always-on display is in low-light mode, so you’re not wasting a ton of battery.

For some, it’s a convenient upgrade because it lets them know what’s happening simply by looking at their phone. For others, it may be too distracting. If you’d like to turn it off, you can go to your Settings, choose Display & Brightness, scroll down to Always On, and then turn it off. An in-between option is to darken your always-on screen by going to Settings, Focus, and then selecting the Do Not Disturb option.

Crash Detection

Another emergency upgrade to the iPhone 14 is Crash Detection. When your iPhone detects a sudden, severe stop in movement, it will display an alert and call emergency services. If you want to cancel, you have 20 seconds. If you don’t respond within 20 seconds, your iPhone will leave an audio message for emergency services. The audio message will give your exact location and let your contacts know that you have been in an accident.

Crash Detection is on by default. However, you can turn it off if you prefer not to have this emergency option constantly running in the background. Go to Settings, then Emergency SOS. You’ll see the Call After Severe Crash and can turn it off.

Crash Detection can, no doubt, be a lifesaver. But, other times, your phone may falsely alert emergency services. If your phone slams into a hard surface, gets run over by a vehicle or falls off a cliff, for example, Crash Detection will be activated. If you suspect there may be a scenario where Crash Detection will be falsely activated, temporarily turn it off.

Improved Internal Chips

Source: Hopix Art/

As technology gets better and better, consumers get more impatient. iPhone 14 has catered to that need by providing the iPhone with the fast A15 Bionic chip. Yes, the iPhone 13 has this chip, too. However, in the iPhone 14, the graphics section of the chip is 18% more powerful than in previous phones. This updated design comes with a 5-core graphics processing unit (GPU).

If graphics and visuals are what you love about your iPhone, then this new upgrade will be even better for viewing photos, illustrations and videos. To make sure the cool graphics will always be clear and vivid, use a liquid screen protector.


Overall, the iPhone 14 is pricier than previous versions. Still, the safety features and the camera upgrade could make it worth its price. Plus, you’ll also get a longer battery life. If you’re looking for a device that can be a lifesaver, the iPhone 14 is worth checking out.

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