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5 best parental control apps for Android smartphones

Smartphones and internet are beneficial as well as unsafe for your children. Go for these parental control Android apps to stay carefree.

Children nowadays freely access smartphones and the internet. This has boosted their learning curve as now their mind is fed with diverse information. However, it’s equally unsafe for them to stay online for too long. A parental control app can help you monitor your child, both online and offline.

It is necessary if you need to find out what they are doing on the internet. A parental-control application can trace your kids’ physical locations, report with whom they are talking, fix limits on their daily screen time, and prevent undesirable websites.

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Some of these apps log calls, texts, and a few can even give you the content of text messages and also from other message platforms like WhatsApp. Here is the list of top parental control apps for Android smartphones.

1) Net Nanny Parental Control

Zift/Net Nanny is considered one of the best parental control applications with excellent web-filtering technology and a smart, intuitive design. Net Nanny can trace your child’s location, illustrate their location history, and fix time permissions and schedules. The Android one lets you block several dozen apps on your kid’s phone.

Net Nanny recently introduced content screening that operates within social media applications and services such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, instead of blocking or allowing them entirely. However, the only thing Net Nanny is not capable of doing on a smartphone is monitor phone calls or messages.

Net Nanny Parental Control
Net Nanny Parental Control

2) Norton Family

Norton Family offers nearly all the features a parent would demand from a parental control application. You get several features like location-tracking, time-scheduling, web-filtering, and web-monitoring. Norton Family comes free if you buy any of the more expensive antivirus software like Norton 360 Deluxe At that price point, getting Norton Family along with Norton’s antivirus protection is not a bad deal. Norton Family has tools that show you what your kids are exploring online and will flag risky behavior so you can discuss it. The app also helps you set limits around their device usage and establish healthy habits that’ll serve them throughout their lives.

Norton Family
Norton Family

3) Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids also enables you to monitor the activities of your kids on their smartphones. You get features like location tracking, geofencing, web monitoring, and device scheduling. It lets you block particular kinds of YouTube searches and you can review YouTube search history if you’re a premium user. Even if you don’t require to read your kids’ text messages, Kaspersky Safe Kids is still a great choice. Kaspersky Safe Kids comes with an app for your child and a parent app that gets connected through your My Kaspersky account. The app on your kid’s device helps you monitor your child’s actions while the app on your mobile lets you see analysis and customize settings.

Kaspersky Safe Kids
Kaspersky Safe Kids

4) Qustodio

Qustodio enables you to set time limits for your kids on individual apps and devices. You get features like location tracking and geofencing option. There is a Family Locator feature that displays the location of all your kids. With Qustodio you will get more information to help protect your children against the increasing number of serious online concerns such as viewing unsuitable content, cyberbullying, cyber predators, and screen obsession. With an online dashboard and Parents’ App, you will be able to control how your child uses smartphone, apps, and the internet.


5) Google Family Link

Google Family Link is one of the first choices for parental control. This application lets your kids have the freedom of using their phones and allows you to monitor their activities on their smartphones. The app comes with several features and integrates directly into the Android itself. Some of the features you get are the ability to see all the apps your kids use, location tracking, usage habits monitoring, and locking the device. With the notification, you can allow or block applications that your child wishes to install on his/her smartphone. The app also enables you to manage in-app purchases and hide some apps from your children.

Google Family Link
Google Family Link

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  1. Have you tried out the family time app yet? I’ve been using the family time app for my children and quite honestly my experience with family time has been great. I would urge all the parents out there to use the family time app if they want to ensure that their children are safe while using the internet.


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