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6 things that make ethical hacking a great career

Ethical hacking is not your next-door profession. It is technical, exciting, adventurous and promising. Ethical hackers are the people who are licensed to hack. They hack to protect, not to destroy. You must have seen many movies and TV shows that have hacker protagonists who hack for good. If you have ever been enamoured by their lives, then maybe you should seriously give this a chance. After all, anyone can become an ethical hacker! Read below to find out what is it that makes ethical hacking a lucrative career choice among youngsters today.

  1. Everyone needs it

Literally, everyone needs an ethical hacker. A lot of people find it difficult to settle abroad with their current jobs. The demand for ethical hackers exists worldwide and your Certified Ethical Hacker i.e. the CEH certification will be valid in over 145 countries, serving you the world on a silver platter. Exploring new industries is also possible here because cybersecurity professionals are required by nearly every industry of modern society.

  1. Come for the thrill, stay for the satisfaction
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The sheer thrill of hacking into a network or a server or an organization is what attracts most of the people into ethical hacking. A day of work filled with adrenaline is what you get to enjoy in your entire career as a white hat hacker.  At the end of the day, you will go home with the satisfaction of helping a business stay secure and the feeling of protecting millions of people from becoming victims of a cyber attack. The incredible feeling of preventing an unfortunate incident is something that very few people can enjoy in the jobs.

  1. A plethora of options

People who like exploring new options and expanding their scope of work will find this profession to be a match made in heaven. Doing your ethical hacking training will open up amazing opportunities for you for further education and specialization. There are so many technologies that are invented every year for you to explore.  The job roles for an ethical hacker are more than a dozen in number. Now that’s something that not everyone can brag about in their chosen line of work.

  1. The money looks great

The salary of an ethical hacker goes beyond $100,000 a year easily. Ethical hackers are not just one of the highest-paid professionals in cybersecurity but one of the highest-paid professionals in the entire information technology industry. Even if you want to become a bug bounty hunter (which is finding security loopholes in organizations), the rewards are so lucrative that you can make a living out of doing it regularly.

  1. Your value will go up

It will be an understatement if we say that the future of cybersecurity is good. It is fantastic, to be frank. The cybersecurity market is going to reach $248.6 billion by 2023 which means that your career growth will also follow a steep upwards trajectory and your value as a professional will only rise with passing time. There is no way that your career can ever become stagnant if you keep upgrading your knowledge with the evolving digital ecosystem.

  1. You can do it too

Last but not least, there is no restriction in terms of who can become an ethical hacker. It’s not mandatory for you to have a computer science degree or a background in information technology to become an ethical hacker. Anyone can learn it from scratch and at any age above 18 years and become an officially licensed professional ready to hack for good.

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