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A Guide to Keep Child’s Online Safety

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As the digital world is expanding, the incidences of cybercrimes are also increasing. We must maintain the dignity of the online community while safely accessing the internet. While the chances of occurrence of these crimes are common for people belonging to all age groups, children are the easiest prey.

You, as a parent, must take care of your child’s online safety. You should explain how they can stay safe on various social media platforms. Meanwhile, you can also get the best parental control app for iPhone on your child’s device to monitor their activities and intervene when the need arises.

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Dangers that your child may encounter online

Social media becomes the most prominent attraction as your child enters their growing age. They don’t understand the negative side of social media and end up arguing if they find you putting up a lot of restrictions. Mentioned below is a list of all the dangers that your child may face as they take their first step toward the digital world.

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1.    Cyberbullying

It’s reported that every one in three people on social media has been a victim of cyberbullying once in their lifetime. Therefore, cyberbullying is a serious issue and needs to be addressed. According to a survey held in 2018, approximately 50% of children using social media have encountered and faced cyberbullying. Your children might be ridiculed, or they may have to face continuous attacks.

2.    Cyber predators

Cyber predators roam around the internet, searching for children who may be easy prey. They take advantage of the lack of adult supervision and, at times, abuse the trust and innocence of the kids. Predators are all over every social media platform, and many children fall prey to them.

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3.    Putting private information on the internet

Your child may take inspiration from a batchmate and post stuff online that they shouldn’t as it is their private information, and anyone can use it in a harmful manner. Putting personal information on the internet may give rise to people taking undue advantage of the information and causing you harm. Children are unaware of the boundary between things they should share online and things they shouldn’t.

4.    Phishing

Not just your kids, you can also be a victim of cyber-phishing. You may receive emails in your inbox that may contain malicious links. You need to educate your kid that clicking on such links isn’t appropriate and the consequences they may face if they don’t consider your advice.

As you may understand, children are not safe in the cyber world. Therefore, monitoring what your child does online is essential. Slight negligence on your part may cost you and your child heavily. A child’s mind and heart are pure. Thus, they may be affected by every small thing that happens to them.

What can you do to protect your kid online?

You may monitor your child’s online activities with a parental control app such as Wondershare FamiSafe, which can help you keep your kids’ online safety by filtering explicit content, blocking certain apps, or impropriate pictures, etc. This way, you may let them enjoy social media without getting scammed.


Why should you opt for FamiSafe?

As the best iPhone parental control app, FamiSafe offers a wide range of features that entitles you to closely monitor your child’s activities and protect them from any cybercrime. Check the key features below:

  • FamiSafe enables you to block inappropriate apps based on their age rating.
  • If you feel the need to do so, you can track your child’s whereabouts with FamiSafe location tracking and Geofences features.
  • It helps detect and block porn videos, porn photos, and other disturbing content encountered online by your kid.
  • You can set smart schedules on kids’ screen time to limit the usage of their devices.
  • You can block the apps that are inappropriate for your kid.
  • FamiSafe can also be a porn blocker that helps you keep your child away from such explicit content.
  • Website blocker for blocking websites based on filters.
  • YouTube App control: Create alert keywords that may send you notifications any time they are typed in the search bar of

    Availability and Pricing

    FamiSafe is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Kindle Fire, etc. You can get it from Google Play Store or App Store on your phone and FamiSafe Jr on your kids’ phone. Tie up both devices and complete some settings, and then you can activate the full features accordingly.

    One good news for you is that FamiSafe provides a three-day free trial period for all users. Later, you have three price plan options, namely Monthly Plan, Quarterly Plan, and Annual Plan. The three plans’ pricing is $10.99 per month, $20.99 per quarter, and $60.99 per year. If you are a teacher or principal of any school, then don’t be surprised as they also provide plans for students. plans



    With the increasing usage of the internet, there has been a huge increase in the cases of online bullying and cybercrimes. Children come as easy prey for the predators, and they use them to take advantage and get their tasks done. You should monitor your child’s online activities without making them feel like it is an invasion of their personal space.

    Your only motto is to keep your child safe, and FamiSafe helps you achieve that motive. FamiSafe is genuinely the ios best parental control app. Including so many inbuilt features, FamiSafe is the best parental safety app you should use.

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