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Best Zoom alternative out there: This is the best one we found

Check out the method below.

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Zoom is a popular video conferencing system that allows you to remotely meet with others. It works on a variety of platforms, including desktop PCs and Apple and Android smartphones. It now provides a web-based option for remote meetings as well. But there are many good software out there which are better than Zoom. We found one great option in the form of Waveroom.

Why would someone need to replace Zoom with such a feature-rich house? The reasoning is as follows.

Zoom’s free plan is insufficient, video quality frequently falls short due to internet connection limitations, and the tool does not always offer HD video quality. This is a major disadvantage for individuals who want to record podcasts and distant interviews. Zoom’s video call and recording standard is 720p, and HD video is basically only available for small group calls.

Furthermore, if a participant is using the desktop software, there is no ability to record their audio and video locally.

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Other complaints include data security, a lack of customer assistance, and limited recording capabilities in the free tier.

So, which is our pick?

We found a great application, Waveroom, which is an online recording studio great to record online meetings and podcasts.

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What are Waveroom’s neat features and pricing?

  • Organizing online video meetings.
  • We have audio-only calls.
  • During the meeting, local audio and video recordings were made.
  • Using an invitation link, you can invite up to four visitors to the meeting.
  • The ability to enter the recording room during the recording.
  • Individual workstations with personal rooms that you can delete and rename to make it easier to browse between guests and prior calls.
  • The quality of the recording is unaffected by your internet connection: a slow or inconsistent network will not disrupt your meeting. The local recording provides you with high-quality digital audio and video files of each participant.
  • Following the session, you will receive video files in 4K HD definition with clean, uncompressed audio.
  • So far, the tool is completely free.


The utility is now available for free to all users.

How to Use Waveroom to Record an Online Interview etc.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and go to the Waveroom website.

Step 2: To sign up for the service, locate the Get started icon in the top right corner of the screen and click on it.

Step 3: Fill out the signup form or sign-up using Facebook or your Gmail account.

Step 4: After registering, you’ll be sent to your personal area where you can begin an audio-only or video meeting online. Meetings are referred to as Rooms.

Step 5: Press Create Room or the Plus button in the upper-left corner of your screen to launch a new podcast.

Step 6: At the top of the page, type the name of your room.

Step 7: Your computer should be equipped with the greatest webcam and microphone you can find. It will assist you in obtaining excellent results.

Step 8: Under the video preview, choose your settings for Video, Audio, and Record. You can select an audio-only room, a video conference, or the Record option, which will record audio, video, or both.

Step 9: Copy the invitation link. Send it to the individuals you wish to participate as podcast speakers.

Step 10: To access your room, click the Start Now option.

Step 11: When you are prepared to begin the podcast, click the Start Recording option.

Step 12: To end the session after the podcast is finished, press the hang-up phone icon.

Step 13: Wait for a little period while the meeting recording saves.

Step 14: In the top left corner of the page, click the ‘All Rooms’ button.

Step 15: Click the space you just left. You can download each podcast guest’s locally recorded audio and video files here.

The recording can be found in your individual dashboard. After that, you can store it as an MKV file on your PC. Soon, more formats will be added.


Waveroom can be used to effectively record any online meetings on its platform. Over that, you can use the same software to record podcasts as well. The best part, this app is free to use.

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