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Complete AC Guide: How To Keep Your Old ACs Running Like New And The Top 5 Split ACs To Pick This Season

How long will you wait before your brand-new air conditioner starts acting up? Check out our AC maintenance tips and tricks to increase your AC’s efficiency and lifespan.

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Owning an air conditioner comes with responsibilities. Air conditioners (ACs) need regular maintenance from time to time. From cleaning their air filters yourself to calling a technician for inspecting any gas leakages within the system, you have to meet all ends to keep it up and running in the scorching heat of summers. And if you chose to neglect their servicing needs, then even if it is a brand-new model, your AC is bound for a steady decline in its performance and lifespan. Hence, we provide you with our complete AC guide, including our AC maintenance checklist, in case you’re wondering how to keep your old ACs running like new. And even if you have already decided to invest in a new one, there’s no need to go anywhere else. We have also provided below the top 5 best inverter Split ACs in India in 2022 for you to pick this season. 

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AC Maintenance Checklist 

Cleaning the Air Filters

Cleaning the air filters: AC maintenance checklist

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The first and the foremost thing that comes to mind while talking about the maintenance of ACs is their air filters. The air filter of an AC helps keep the airflow clean and dust-free. Since their job is to trap and filter out dust and dirt, they tend to get clogged pretty easily, usually after two or three months of usage. Cleaning the air filter out improves the cooling efficiency of an AC to a good extent. You can use a brush with soft bristles or a soft textured cloth along with warm water to clean your AC’s air filter (as these are very delicate). 

Checking For Leakages

Next on our AC maintenance checklist comes checking for leakages. Leakages in any part of an air conditioner prevent it from running efficiently. In case of a leakage, an AC would tend to consume more electricity and not provide as much cooling as it would have in ideal conditions. And if you fail to detect and get the leakage serviced, prolonged usage of your AC in such conditions may even result in its breakdown altogether. Hence you should get your AC checked for any leakages before the cooling season begins. 

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Unclogging The Drain Pipe

Unclogging the AC drain pipe

The third part in our AC maintenance checklist that needs to be taken care of is its drain channel. An AC’s drain pipe removes moisture from its indoor unit. A clogged drain pipe would prevent the unit from reducing humidity which may result in excess moisture in the air, making you feel relatively uncomfortable. For unclogging the drain channel, it is recommended to pass a stiff wire or use a thin stiff brush through it along with warm water. 

Cleaning The AC Coils And Coil Fins

Cleaning the AC coils:  AC maintenance checklist

Air conditioners have evaporator and condenser coils which after months and years of usage may collect dirt in them. Their outdoor units, which consist of a compressor, a condenser and a fan, may also get affected over time if the environment they’re kept in is dusty or has debris, foliage, etc. around. It is advised to give the condenser unit as much room as possible and keep it at a good distance from any kind of dust, debris or foliage. 

You should also give a quick check to the aluminium fins of the evaporator and condenser coils. They can be easily bent and cause blockage in the airflow through the coil. You can use a tool known as ‘fin comb’ available with AC wholesalers to get these back into shape.

Using Correct Temperature Settings

Using the correct temperature settings

This one can be considered one of the most important points on our AC maintenance checklist. Now, don’t we all agree on having done the crime of setting the temperature of our ACs to the lowest possible setting? However, it is not the correct way to use your AC and can actually reduce its lifespan. Not only that but it will also result in higher electrical consumption. The ideal temperature setting for ACs that is recommended in India is around 24 degrees Celsius. 

Preparing Your AC For Off-Season

Leaving your air conditioner as it is during off-seasons like in winters is not good. You should either cover your AC along with its outdoor unit or remove it and store it to keep it well protected.  

Getting Your AC Serviced 

AC servicing:  AC maintenance checklist

Finally on our AC maintenance checklist comes its servicing. It is always recommended to get your AC regularly serviced by a well-trained technician. The technician should check for the correct amount of refrigerant in the system, detect any leakages, seal any duct leakages in the central system, measure the airflow through the coils, check all electrical connections and inspect for any further wear and tear signs.

If you will be able to follow all these measures, we are sure even your oldest AC would start running like new. In case you have made up your mind to invest in a brand-new air conditioner, the following are the top 5 Split ACs to pick up this season. 

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Top 5 Split ACs For The Summer Of 2022

As you may already know, there are two types of ACs, namely Split ACs and window ACs, that are available in the market. Out of the two, Split ACs are designed typically for cooling larger spaces. They work comparatively quieter than their window AC counterparts and cool the room much faster. Here are the top 5 Split ACs of 2022 that we recommend you buy this summer. 

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI Dual Inverter Wi-Fi Split AC 

LG 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split ac: best split ac in india 2022

The one to make it to the top of our list of the top 5 best Split ACs in India 2022 had to be this one from LG. It comes with a 5-star energy rating, AI dual inverter compressor, an antibacterial and dust filter, 6-in-1 AI convertible technology for cooling, dehumidifier, intelligent safety sensors, R32 refrigerant and much more. It provides a 5-years warranty on PCB and 10-years for its compressor including gas charging. It has coils made up of copper with ocean black protection that prevents rust and corrosion. It is stated as the number 1 bestselling AC model on Amazon and is priced at Rs 58,990.

Buy from here. 

Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Lloyd 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split ac: best split ac in india 2022

The next on our list comes the Lloyd 1.5 ton 5-star inverter Split AC model. It has a 5-star energy rating, comes with an antiviral and a PM 2.5 filter, a 100% copper condenser coil for better cooling, a smart 4-way swing, R32 refrigerant, turbo cool technology, and low gas detection. It comes with a 10-year warranty on its compressor and is priced at Rs 40,500. 

Buy from here.  

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC


Next up is an AC model equivalent to that of Lloyd’s but from the brand Carrier. It is a 1.5-ton inverter Split AC with a 5-star energy rating that comes with 6-in-1 Flexicool technology, R32 refrigerant, a PM 2.5 filter and more. It comes with a 10-year warranty on its compressor and is priced at Rs 42,999.

Buy from here.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star

Fourth on our list of the top 5 best Split ACs in India in 2022 to pick this season comes this one from Blue Star. It has a 1.5-ton capacity, 5-star energy rating, copper condenser coil, turbo cool technology, eco mode and 4-way swing. It comes with a 10-years warranty on its inverter compressor and provides a 1-year plus 4-years extended warranty covering repairs like the rectification of components, electrical circuits, PCB, gas charging, et. al. It is priced at Rs 41,990. 

Buy from here. 

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC 

Panasonic Smart Split AC

The final one to make it to our list is from the brand Panasonic. Rated with a 5-star energy rating, it comes with an auto convertible inverter compressor which adjusts power based on the heat load. It supports Wi-Fi as well as voice control with auto convertible Alexa and Google Assistant. It also comes with a PM 2.5 filter, a copper condenser coil with Shield Blu anti-corrosion technology along with a 10-year warranty on its compressor and 5 years on PCB. It is priced at Rs 39,990.  

Buy from here.

So those were our top picks for the 5 best Split ACs in India in 2022 to pick up this season. In case we missed out on your favourites, do let us know in the comments section below. Have a happy summer you all!

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