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Fixed! Convert Spotify to MP3 on All Devices Without Failure! [2023 Guide]

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“I tried downloading Spotify offline with the official Spotify premium feature. But it seems that they can only be saved in OGG Vorbis format. Is there a way for me to convert Spotify to MP3? How?”

When you desire to play Spotify on devices offline without the Spotify app installed, the first method comes into your mind is to convert Spotify to MP3. However, you probably discover Spotify songs are all encoded in encrypted OGG format. Even if you turn to a common OGG to MP3 converter to help, the Spotify to MP3 conversion would definitely fail. Why?

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Common Reasons Causing Spotify to MP3 Conversion Failure

There are actually two main reasons resulting in the failure to convert Spotify to MP3.

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DRM Encryption Failing the Conversion

Spotify has empowered DRM (Digital Rights Management) to encrypt all its streaming media, which mainly targets at protecting the resources from being copied, downloaded, transferred, or edited without being permitted by the original uploaders. DRM also prevents many free OGG to MP3 converters transcode the format conversion to turn encrypted OGG Spotify songs into DRM-free audio formats like MP3.

Hence, it won’t be possible for you to directly process Spotify to MP3 conversion within the Spotify platform, or turn to those free converters that only work to convert DRM-free OGG files to MP3, but not the encrypted Spotify OGG songs.

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Low Stability of Non-professional Spotify to MP3 Converter

Despite the incompatibility of some converters, there are still some Spotify to MP3 converters that are actually working to help you convert Spotify to MP3, even if the songs are encrypted by DRM. However, such tools also need to process DRM decryption at the same time, which requires applying advanced techs and stable performance to process the conversion. However, when many Spotify to MP3 converters require users to sync with the Spotify app in order to analyze Spotify URLs to convert Spotify to MP3, the syncing process would easily be affected and leads to conversion failure.

Some Spotify to MP3 converters do not even work to bypass DRM and directly grasp the music sources from Spotify for you. They may perform to match the same resources on YouTube. This would lead to a possible problem – when YouTube doesn’t provide the same songs as Spotify, the converters can’t grasp a result and convert it to MP3 for you, thus leading to conversion failure.

Hence, even if you have selected the tools that are able to remove DRM and convert Spotify to MP3 for you, the unstable performance of them would still fail to convert Spotify to MP3 properly for you.

How to Convert Spotify to MP3 on Windows/Mac at High Success Rate

Then, is it still possible to find a highly successful way to convert Spotify to MP3? Surely, it is a positive answer!

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is able to resolve all common reasons leading to the failures of converting Spotify to MP3, enabling you to grasp MP3 music files from Spotify directly without the hassle:

  • DRM removal equipped: As the software has well-embedded DRM removal tech inside, it is possible to bypass DRM encryption and grasp all Spotify tracks converted to DRM-free MP3 files without being restricted by Spotify’s protection.
  • Built-in Spotify web player: To increase the Spotify to MP3 conversion stability, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has integrated the official Spotify web player, without requiring you to install the Spotify app in extra and sync with it to enable the music conversion. This can resolve the syncing instability that would lead to failures in converting Spotify to MP3 that would frequently occur using the URL copy-and-paste method.
  • Compatible with all Spotify content conversion: As the software has embedded the whole music library, you are able to browse all resources and convert them to MP3 by dragging them to the conversion list. No matter for Spotify singles, playlists, albums, artists, or podcasts, the software is able to download all of them to select MP3 format for you.

Despite these core advantages, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter also delivers customized quality settings (with up to 320kbps) for you to define your own music streaming experience. It also helps to keep ID3 info and ensure the least 5X faster speed with multiple hardware acceleration techs applied.

Next, also go through the brief guide and grasp how to convert Spotify to MP3 via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter professionally at a high success rate:

STEP 1. Once installing TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, launch it and click “Open the Spotify web player” to access its embedded Spotify web player and log in via your Spotify account (both Spotify free and premium are supported).

STEP 2. Now, you are able to browse the web player and select all Spotify songs or playlists you desire to convert to MP3. Simply drag them to the floating “+” icon aside, the songs will be imported to the converting list right away. As the software will filter the duplicates, don’t worry that you would add the same song twice.

Convert Spotify to MP3 1

STEP 3. Then, select MP3 as the output format from the upper-right “Convert all files to” drop-down menu. To further customize the quality, just navigate to “Menu” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” to alter both the sample rate and bitrate settings as you desire.

STEP 4. Finally, simply give a go on the “Convert All” button, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will process to convert Spotify to MP3 for you. Just wait patiently till the conversion completes, and you will get the converted MP3 Spotify songs downloaded offline.

Convert Spotify to MP3

How to Convert Spotify to MP3 on All Devices Online [No Software Installed]

Replacing TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, there is actually a helpful Spotify to MP3 online converter performing to help you convert Spotify to MP3 online without any software installation required, which is SpotiDown.

SpotiDown only requires you to paste a Spotify URL to process the music conversion by one tap. As the conversion completes, you will get a direct download button provided for you to save the converted MP3 file offline.

Here it shows you how to convert Spotify to MP3 online via SpotiDown for free (it is a free service without you paying a penny at all!):

STEP 1. Firstly, go to Spotify and find a single you desire to convert to MP3. Then copy its URL.

NOTE: As SpotiDown is not supported to convert Spotify playlists currently, you are only allowed to choose Spotify single track to process the conversion one by one.

STEP 2. Open a new tab and navigate to SpotiDown. Then you should paste the URL to the frame bar and tap the “Download” icon to convert the URL.

STEP 3. When the URL analysis completes, there will be a “Download” button provided for you to save the converted MP3 Spotify file offline.

Compared with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, SpotiDown still lacks in high stability as the network condition would greatly affect its performance to convert Spotify to MP3, then leads to the conversion failure unexpectedly. Hence, if you desire a more professional tool, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is still the top recommended option for you.

Final Verdict

The main reasons causing Spotify to MP3 conversion failures can be DRM encryption and the non-professional converters working with unstable services. To fix the errors and convert Spotify to MP3 at a higher success rate, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can be an ideal pick. As the software offers a free trial for new users, you are able to install it and give it a try without paying a penny! Now, get started with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter right away!

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