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Go Paperless To Improve Your Document Workflow

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The world is transitioning to a paperless environment in all its departments. While seeking to go paperless, they are looking forward to using the right tools that will allow them to easily perform this transition. As this is majorly performed based on managing environmental concerns, this transformation will also help improve the document workflow.

For this article, we shall be looking into how a free PDF editor helps you in going paperless and help you manage documents with ease. The provided details will help you understand why it is essential to perform this action and how it is done with the help of Wondershare PDFelement, an effective PDF editing solution.

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Part 1: Wondershare PDFelement – The Ultimate Solution to Go Paperless

There are many PDF editors available in the market providing services for managing digital documents. With simple tools to work with, these PDF editors are not quite extensive in resolving different problems involving documents. Wondershare PDFelement is designed to answer all prevailing concerns of editing PDF documents and helping you in going paperless.

This free PDF editor operates with a vast set of features that can be used to design the perfect PDF document, which looks even better than a printed document. While you make use of the essential editing tools provided on the platform, you can make use of the efficient and diverse tools available for creating and editing PDFs. While it accompanies you in converting PDFs, you can translate and perform multiple functions, such as OCR PDFs. You can also find batch processing on PDFelement, another great highlight of this PDF editor.

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Wondershare PDFelement is highly compatible, as it allows editing PDFs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Such diversity is highly encouraged, as it helps users work through their documents without putting up the effort of transferring, printing, and managing paper documents. PDFelement is the perfect option for going paperless in your offices, homes, and all other places involving document management.

Part 2: Why Should One Consider Going Paperless?

Why does one need to go paperless to manage documents in a better way? Printing documents and using paper systems has been in the market for a while; however, paperless systems have outperformed this in all departments. Let’s help out people understand the benefits of shifting to a paperless system:

1. Reduction in Costs

The cost of managing paper documents is exceptionally high if appropriately observed. From the cost of space to the management of the paper documents by stocking them properly, the entire price is relatively high to manage. While you shift to paperless systems, the cost of managing the documents reduces to a single storage space, which is quite exceptional.

2. Increase in Efficiency of Operations

If you ever find something from a stack of papers, you must go through every piece. This is not only time-taking but highly frustrating to cover. A paperless environment will increase efficiency in operations, as finding documents is simple and easy on such systems. A simple search and you will have your required result on the front.

3. Enhances Collaboration on Platforms

Ever thought of sharing a document with another person through fax or parcel? While it is complicated to cover daily, you would never support this process and would feel tardy in going through this again and again. Going to a paperless system will allow you to share documents with other users easily through emails and other communication sources. Collaboration is much easier with a paperless system.

4. Improves Security of Documents

Documents stocked in a room are never secure. While they can be stolen with no hint of them being removed from the room, they are vulnerable to fire and other hazards that can destroy all data in minutes. Using a paperless model will help increase the security of the documents, where you can protect the storage devices from illegal access. Securing the documents will also protect them from threats of being destroyed. You have to keep backups of the documents, which does not take considerable space or cost in a paperless model.

5. Eco-Friendly System

Using a paperless system protects the environment, which was one of the most prominent factors in adopting this system. As the paper is a primary environmental concern that was not being addressed for years, it is time to realize the need to change to an eco-friendly system to make the environment sustainable for the people who will come ahead of us.

6. Saves Space in Places

Another vital clause that involves using a paperless model is its ability to save space. To save year-long documents, you will need a separate cupboard and a separate room to manage a decade-long document log of your office. This can be reduced to a small hard drive that does not take space more than a few centimeters.

Part 3: How Does PDFelement Support the Transition to a Paperless Environment?

There are many ways PDFelement is helping users to transition their systems to a paperless environment. While you create an editable PDF with this efficient tool, you are taking the next step to a paperless model. Let’s see how PDFelement helps you in setting up the precedent with its features:

1.     Organize PDFs

PDFelement helps you organize PDF documents, which means you can log your data and set PDFs according to your requirements. With the option of splitting documents, deleting pages, inserting, and extracting pages from PDFs, PDFelement provides the perfect setup for organizing PDFs to your liking. You can also rearrange the documents and rotate them to manage their orientations.

2.     Convert PDFs

The option of converting PDFs is exceptionally great on PDFelement. With the option of converting your PDFs to different Office formats, you can easily edit your documents and convert them to the required format without going through different functions. The conversion tool of this free PDF editor is highly efficient, with the ability to help users convert their documents into multiple supported formats without disrupting the document’s formatting.

3.     OCR PDF

PDFelement comes with an OCR tool that supports detecting more than 20 languages on PDF documents. While it helps convert scanned PDFs to editable and searchable PDFs, you do not need to go across any other platform to edit your files. The OCR PDF tool provided by PDFelement recognizes the text in the images or scanned documents and converts the photographic content to a machine-related format.

4.     PDF Form

You can also manage different forms on PDFelement. Rather than printing out forms to fill them out for a particular task, you can edit the complete forms on the PDF tool. This is exceptionally great, as it influences the paperless model to perfection. PDFelement servers as a great PDF filler that allows you to fill out PDFs by recognizing the editable locations in a form.

5.     Sign PDF

The option of signing documents on PDF files is straightforward on PDFelement. As you can upload, type, and draw the signatures to add to PDF documents, you can ensure the legal boundaries of signing documents. With that, you will never have to print out documents for signing pages.

6.     Edit and Annotate PDFs

If you seek to make changes to a PDF or mark something important on the document, you can easily use the editing and annotation features provided by PDFelement. Easily edit the text, pictures, and links on the PDFs and annotate them as desired. With highlighting tools, commenting structures, and several other annotation elements, PDFelement is the best option available for such things.


It is time to shift to a paperless system in your office. While it covers every disadvantage of paper systems, it provides efficiency and sustainability of excellent caliber. Using tools like Wondershare PDFelement is a great catalyst for this process. This free PDF editor provides effective tools that can be used to shift to a paperless mode in no time. The results are exceptional with such tools, as they allow you to manage your documents on a single platform with ease.

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