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High Tech Surveillance Gadgets That Protect the Gaming Operators

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The nature of the casino environment, where countless people mingle and large sums of money change hands, demands the best quality security. Brick-and-mortar casinos are home to some of the world’s most advanced surveillance systems. Let’s take you behind the scenes to reveal the high-tech world of security that keeps these businesses and their patrons safe.

Eye in the Sky

In extravagant establishments where fortunes are acquired and lost in the blink of an eye, it takes more than an army of highly trained personnel to secure a casino. This is where video surveillance tech – the Eye in the Sky – comes in handy, giving casinos a recap of events anywhere and anytime. Camera resolution improvement and hardware changes over the years make this tech a casino’s most crucial security tool.

The smoke-coloured orbs that make up the Eye in the Sky do more than keep a watchful eye on every inch of the casino floor. They support extensive functionalities like:

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  • Automated video analytics: real-time tracking and automatic detection of events, behaviours, and objects provide valuable security insights.
  • Enhanced meta-tagging: improves structured references that sort and identify attributes of the collected information the metadata describes.
  • Predictive awareness methods: predictive models identify valuable data patterns to predict the outcome of events.
  • Data compression: collected data is encoded, restructured, and otherwise modified to reduce its size for better storage techniques.


Radio Frequency Identification is the most commonly used security measure against theft and fraud. This technology is embedded in cards and chips, allowing the casino to track them at all times. This ensures that no chips or cards leave the casino floor or are counterfeited without detection.

Angel Eyes

Angle Eyes is an extension of the RFID anti-fraud system that detects attempts to cheat or steal. Thanks to Angel Eyes, games that were previously easy to deceive are now cheat-proof. For instance, in blackjack, this technology allows the dealer to monitor a deck for cards that do not belong. It tracks RFID strips on the cards, and any added by a player is flagged and removed. Also, the tech identifies shaved chips in roulette and notifies the dealer.

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Biometric Recognition Software

Casino video cameras have specialized integrated software for facial recognition, one of the most powerful tools in any establishment’s security arsenal. This surveillance tech scans the face of anyone that enters the casino and compares them to a database of criminals and potential threats. This allows security personnel to remove such troublemakers before they can cause any disturbances.

Fingerprint recognition also strengthens the effectiveness of casino biometric security measures. Many establishments use sophisticated vaults and safes to store mountains of cash on-site. They are equipped with biometric scanners that grant access to authorized parties only.

Keeping money safe is only half the battle. Casinos are also responsible for the security of patrons once they retire to their accommodations. For this reason, rooms are usually fitted with smart locks and access control systems that often use fingerprint, keycard, and player club card sensors to unlock.


Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness software is a valuable surveillance tool that identifies unusual cheating tactics where a game operator and player work together to defraud a casino. This advanced tech identifies any association between parties, such as a shared address, phone number, or employment. That way, personnel can keep a closer eye on them.

Encryption Protocols

Data encryption may seem like a security feature limited to online casinos. In most cases, state-of-the-art SSL and TCL encryption protocols are all it takes to keep an online casino safe. However, according to, online casinos in NJ use additional safety measures in the form of  username/password combinations, account verification systems, and geolocation tracking technology

For land-based establishments, this is but one essential piece of a robust security ecosystem.

With any advanced virtual technology comes the potential for misuse or abuse. Land-based casinos ensure that the data collected isn’t used for nefarious purposes or open to vulnerable hacking attempts with encryption and firewalls to prevent cyber attacks.


Casinos use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze video footage and other security data in real-time. AI effectively detects anomalies and potential threats that slip through security personnel’s cracks, alerting the casino to act immediately.

With the advancement of AI, some casinos have also adapted tech surveillance solutions to improve their business models. Brainchip – a California-based company – has successfully modelled Game Outcome Technology with spiking neuron adaptive processors that learn independently like a human brain. Using snap vision technology, Game Outcome automatically identifies dealer errors, game rules, played hands, winning hands, and payout amounts. This data is then used to help the casino with operational efficiency, labour costs, and targeted incentives to get patrons to play more.

In Brief

There is a limit to how much surveillance and security humans can provide in casinos because the traffic and activities are too much to handle. However, by harnessing the power of modern technology, from video surveillance to AI, the security of these establishments continues to improve dramatically. This allows casino operators to go beyond their core purpose of securing business operations and provide intriguing gambling experiences in a safe environment.

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