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How Could iPads Become Better with Augmented Reality?

Apple iPads and Augmented reality can be a good thing.

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Apple’s iPads are continuing to improve every year, but they are still way behind smartphones, in terms of popularity. Apparently, there are around 81 million iPad users in the USA, compared to more than 113 million iPhone owners. However, it’s common knowledge that one of the primary uses of the iPad is gaming and so, with this in mind, developers could surely improve the quality of game offerings to boost future sales of the iPad.

In particular, if iPads were more compatible and inclusive of augmented reality-powered games, there’d be massive potential to entice new players. Indeed, if the burgeoning AR technology enters the mainstream, as it is forecasted to, iPads could act as a portal to allow multiple users to play games together. The result of this would be a significant boost in iPad users and worthy competition for other AR-offering contenders on the market.

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iPads Have Always Been Popular for Gaming

One of the primary reasons that iPads came about was to cater to the growing mobile gaming audience that emerged with the smartphone boom in the early 2010s. The gaming industry on portable devices was worth more than $116 million in 2021, and a lot of this revenue is thanks to iPad users. With a sleek larger screen, but all the same functionality as Apple smartphones (apps, OSs, and more), the iPad has become a convenient on-the-go device for playing video games in style.

Undoubtedly, certain offshoots of mobile gaming have helped to drive it forward, with developers considering the iPad and tablet audience carefully when they make their games. Casino games, for instance, have played a huge part in boosting the mobile gaming industry. There are now so many online casino game-touting websites that online directories play a huge part in helping players differentiate between the good, the bad, and the outright ugly from all the options on the market.

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Reputable brands such as CasinoSmash compile comprehensive lists that break down the promotions offered, customer reviews, and the range of games available for each of their ranked online casinos. This independent directory reassures players who are looking for the best quality products and the best bang for their buck.

A prime example of this is their list of ranked casino apps: each name in this selection of the best online slot sites has been tested for both iOS and Android mobile devices because that’s where people want to play them, making it an important factor for those browsing new games. These independent reviews are invaluable as they help players to navigate the overwhelming number of options online.

Augmented Reality Could be Integrated with iPads

While some games have found great success on iPads, there are certainly developments that could make the devices even better. Right now, there’s not much difference between smartphone and tablet gaming. The larger screen size is obviously a factor, but smartphone developers are working on solving that problem with foldable phones.

If iPad app developers can work out exciting ways to integrate AR, it could set the devices apart from smartphones. There have already been some cool uses of AR on the devices, such as allowing storybooks to come to life. However, there is so much more potential for the future.

AR glasses are expected to come into fashion in the next few years, and these will allow solo users to see things in front of them. There hasn’t yet been any talk about communal AR experiences, however. This is a concept that is likely to be explored, but the main question is to do with how developers will go about it.

One idea could be for the iPad to transmit signals that two AR headset wearers can both view at the same time. For example, two users could sit opposite each other with an iPad in the middle, using it to play a fantasy card game or a 3D version of chess. It’s a cool concept that has been touted before as the next step for board games.

With Apple reportedly working on its AR glasses and set to release them in 2023 or 2024, it will be looking at ways to integrate its other devices with groundbreaking technology. This could lead to a new wave of AR iPad games designed to appeal to multiple players.

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