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How to Bypass Google Lock or Verify PIN After Factory Reset

Did you get a used phone locked by Google FRP? Here’s a 5-minute guide for you to bypass PIN and Google account verification after factory reset on any Android phone.

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Suppose you bought a used phone online and started setting it up with excited anticipation. However, the Android system asks you to verify your PIN or google account. Of course, you have no idea about it. Basically, the Google FRP lock was triggered when the hard reset was done.

If you are a phone recycler or reseller, receiving an FRP-locked Android phone can also be annoying, even if you’ve told the owners what they should do before selling.

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Grab these three powerful solutions to bypass Google FRP lock and verify PIN after factory reset. These work only if you pay attention and follow the steps precisely.

Tip 1. Ask For Help from a Former User or Seller

In this case, the vendor should assist you in bypassing Google lock, unless you already knew it was an Android device with a Google lock before you purchased it. When you bought the device directly from the previous user, just take it to him or ask for the Google account credentials associated with that device. Once you enter the Google account‘s login details, your phone is ready to use.

Tip 2. Bypass Samsung Google Lock with FRP Removal Tool

Certainly, the risk of leaking private information comes with “lending” a Google account to a new user, which is unacceptable to everyone.

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You will get tons of Google results about FRP bypass. Most of them need you to visit different sites and download additional tools, APK files, and drivers. It will consume 2-3 hours or more, especially if you don’t have much technical knowledge. This is when you need a powerful Samsung FRP removal tool to bypass Google lock on Samsung after the factory reset.

What we like about iToolab UnlockGo (Android)

  • One-click Samsung FRP bypass tool (Android 5-12)
  • Simple steps with the quick processing
  • No PIN or Gmail account is needed
  • Works well on Windows and macOS
  • Multiple solutions for all Samsung smartphones and tablets

READ-ON, To Catch the One-Click Solution

UnlockGo for Android gives you the confidence to bypass Google lock by yourself. Its easy FRP bypass process works magically in just 3 minutes with a 99.3% success rate. For your convenience, the tool offers a free trial and download. Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Connect the Samsung device

Open the handy tool and connect your Samsung device to Windows or Macbook via a USB cable. Now, choose Remove Google Lock (FRP) and click the Start button to continue the process.

Remove Google Lock from Samsung phones and tablet

Step 2: One-click FRP Removal key

This step saves you hours. Click on the most recommended option All Android Versions, and click the Next button.

Multiple solutions for Samsung FRP bypass

Step 3: Attention! Enter Samsung FRP bypass code

At this step, wait for a minute. You will see a pop-up window with complete guidelines. You will get a secret code to access the Samsung Diagnostics menu, which is usually hidden. After that, UnlockGo (Android) tool will assist you in activating USB debugging on your Samsung device.

: Enable USB debugging on FRP-locked phone

Step 4: Google Lock Removed from Samsung

Once you grant permission, the Google verification screen should be bypassed in a few seconds and your Samsung device will reboot automatically.

Bypass Google lock with PC

Tip 3. Bypass FRP and Verify PIN on Android with FRP APK

When your Android needs to bypass Google lock or PIN verification, the Android FRP bypass APK app comes into action. This solution needs you to download the malware-free and latest FRP bypass APK files. Before diving into the main process, you must check the requirements below.

  • OTG cable
  • Flash drive/USB
  • Fast and stable internet
  • Windows PC

How-to steps

  1. Download FRP bypass APK files and connect the USB with an OTG cable.
  2. Turn on your FRP-locked phone and connect it to a stable internet connection.
  3. Now, tap the Home button three times to activate Talkback.
  4. As you do, a new menu will appear on your screen.
  5. Click on the Talkback settings.
  6. Tap the Talkback key thrice once
  7. Now, go to the Help & Feedback option and select Get Started with Voice Access.
  8. You will then see a YouTube video, play the video and click on Getting started with Voice in that video. It will take you to the YouTube app.
  9. As you landed on the YouTube homepage, choose the User Icon and select the Terms & Privacy Policy
  10. Select Cancel and click on the Bookmarks.
  11. Now, navigate to the Download History option and click My files, it will open your flash drive.
  12. Install the APK files from your flash drive to your locked phone.
  13. You will then see an Unknown source error on your screen, head to the device Settings and allow unknown sources.
  14. Once the APK is installed on your device, you need to factory reset your phone.
  15. Finally, your phone has bypassed FRP.


  • Before attempting the process check your device’s compatibility.
  • This method is slightly technical to perform if you are non-techy or may brick your device in the wrong operation.

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In General, It Can be Said That

Bypassing factory reset protection is a big hassle until you figure out how to remove Google lock. Once you pick the compatible and authentic way, make sure the process should not be much technical or time-consuming.

Focusing on the following pain points, iToolab designed UnlockGo (Android) to instantly provide Android users with an easy and effective Android unlocking experience. You don’t need to download APK files or connect OTG or flash drives to bypass FRP, just run the 3-minute FRP bypass process and instantly get a fully accessible phone. Try Now!

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