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How to save your Android smartphone’s battery life

Making sure your smartphone's battery doesn't run isn't a very difficult task. You should know these steps.

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Smartphones are indispensable from our lives. Is there anyone in today’s world who can do without them? We depend on our smartphones for endless things including making calls, calling a cab, ordering food online, making payments, staying in touch with friends and so much more. However, if there is one thing everyone has a love-hate relationship with, it’s our smartphone‘s battery. We completely depend on it. In fact, to make sure that it doesn’t get too low, most of us carry power banks with us. Actually, anything that makes our smartphone’s battery last the entire day is acceptable. But then we should tell you that you don’t really have to go to great lengths to ensure this. You can follow these simple steps to manage the battery life effectively on your Android smartphone:

Make use of the Doze mode

The Doze Mode was introduced in Android 6.0 and it makes sure that the apps on your device are not using the battery when your smartphone is not in use. You don’t really have to do anything to make this work, as it is enabled automatically. However, you can include and exclude apps on which the Doze mode is applicable. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to your smartphone’s Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Apps and Notifications.’
  • Tap on ‘Advanced’ and then go to ‘Special app access’. Here, click on ‘Battery optimization.’
  • You will see a list of apps and how many of them are optimized for the Doze Mode.
  • You can choose any app here that you want to exempt from the Doze Mode. Just tap on the name and then choose ‘Don’t optimize’.

Turn on Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness make use of Artificial Intelligence to adjust your apps and screen according to your habits. So, they only make use of power when required. While both are mostly turned on by default, you can always double-check.

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How to turn on Adaptive Battery:

  • Go to Settings and tap on ‘Battery’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Adaptive Battery’ and enable it if it’s not turned on already.
  • How to turn on Adaptive Display:
  • Go to Settings and choose ‘Display’.
  • Tap on ‘Adaptive Display’ and enable it if it is not already enabled.

Install an app for it

Greenify is a great app to save battery life of your smartphone. It enables you to force apps to hibernate, and hence, helps in saving smartphone battery. There are other similar apps available on Google Play Store too.

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Uninstall unwanted apps

Go to your app drawer and list down what apps you have not been using for a while. It’s better to uninstall them as even when we are not using any apps, they use a lot of data and battery in the background. You can also find out which apps in your handset are using the most power. Follow these steps for it:

  • Head to Settings > Battery > More > Battery usage.
  • Choose the option of ‘More’ and tap on ‘Show full device usage’. This will show you where exactly your smartphone’s battery is used up the most.
  • If you find any apps eating the battery too much, you may choose to uninstall them.

Turn on Battery Saver on your smartphone

Follow these steps for turning on the battery saver on your Android smartphone:

  • Head to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver.
  • Enable ‘Turn on automatically’.
  • Specify the percentage at which you want it to activate.

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