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I survived an entire day with just apps

I even left my wallet at home...

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With our lives getting so dependent on technology, it doesn’t sound as bizarre today to say that I could survive an entire day with just apps as it would have five years back. But what made it a little challenging (at least in my head) was my editor’s suggestion to not carry my wallet or books that day.

I REALLY don’t know how to survive without either considering that I’m from a generation which at least likes to carry physical currency with them even if they pay digitally most of the time, and whenever I have nothing to do you would almost always find my head buried in a book.

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But anything for a story, so here we are! It’ll sound surprising, but the first app that I need on any given day is Spotify because I am one of those people who would definitely snooze the alarm multiple times and then get late to work. And the answer to this problem is music.

Every morning, I would open my eyes when my alarm goes off and instantly play some music. It’s a great way to start the morning, and who knows? It might as well motivate me enough to go to the gym in the morning instead of the evening some day.

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I like to keep the music on as I get ready for work and do my daily chores. As fate would have had it, I fell short of sesame seeds as I got my breakfast ready. While on most days I would have just driven down to a store close by to get it, I opted for Blinkit to keep my word on surviving solely on apps.

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I usually get to work via a Blusmart cab. Since my commute to work is a recurring ride, I don’t have to book it ever since I set up the ride-along by putting in the place of pick-up, drop location and timings. This along with the fact that Blusmart claims to never cancel rides is a big plus because the last thing one wants is to be late to work because their cab cancelled at the last minute.

I usually read on my way to work, but that obviously couldn’t happen on a day when I was relying entirely on apps. So I put my earphones on and listened to ‘Sweet Bean Paste’, a novel by Tetsuya Akikawa on an unusual yet beautiful friendship, on the Audible app. I had started listening to it a while back but then started reading something else. This challenge proved to be a good reason to come back to it. Since the book has short chapters, I did manage to listen to a few before I got to work.

Now, if you ever try doing this, I would really suggest you stick to your office coffee machine rather than going overboard and using a food delivery app for it. Firstly, it’ll be more expensive, and secondly, it’ll take more time to reach you. It’s simply not practical. You might choose to order breakfast, but I wanted my first meal of the day to be home-cooked.

Since I am a writer, I usually use the Dictionary app a lot on my phone and swear by the Grammarly Chrome extension on my laptop. The former helps me tremendously because of its Thesaurus feature and the latter is like a necessity for writers. Zomato took care of my lunch and Simpl took care of the payment I made for it.

I usually take a small walk after lunch and rely on Apple‘s Health app to keep track of my steps all through the day, so that bit was sorted. In the evening, I called an Uber to head back home and on this ride, I watched a podcast on YouTube. Can there be a better to kill your time in traffic? Well, probably books, but this wasn’t bad either. Anyway, I paid for the cab ride via Google Pay UPI.

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After getting home, I like to unwind a bit with meditation and my preferred app for it is Headspace, although there are plenty of others available on the Play Store and App Store. If you are into mindfulness as well, you pick the app that suits you since when it comes to this, it’s never one size fits all.

I ordered a salad via Swiggy because I didn’t want to eat two heavy meals in a day and an episode of ‘Touch Your Heart’ on Netflix saved me from getting bored as I ate.

At the end of the day, I realized how easy it is in today’s world to survive solely with my phone. Almost any daily task can be managed with it provided you are in an area with the proper network. My younger self in college would have never trusted her phone to take care of everything throughout the day, but the fact that I can do this today shows how dynamically things have changed because of technology.

P.S. I think I forgot to mention apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Gmail because I use them so often that my brain didn’t even register them.

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