Instagram rolls out new tools to curb spamming on its platform


Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has now come up with new features that are expected to bring more transparency to the platform. All the new features that have been launched indicate that Instagram is seriously trying to reduce the number of fake accounts and spamming on its platform. This is bound to make the app more user friendly for people. Here are the new features to look out for:

  1. About This Account: The name explains what the feature does, isn’t it?  With this feature, whenever you see an advertisement on Instagram, you’ll be able to find out more about the account. General information about the account like its location, username changes in the past year among other details will be visible to the users, bringing in more transparency. Users would know that the accounts they interact with are exactly who they say they are. This would also stop any fake accounts from spreading misinformation.
  2. Support for third-party authentication apps: Soon, Instagram will enable its user to log into their Instagram accounts using third-party authentication apps.  In order to do this, just click on the ‘Menu’ icon on your profile and then go to ‘Settings’. After this, scroll down and select ‘Two factor authentication’ and then click on ‘Authentication App’. Instagram will then send a code to the authentication app you have installed. All you have then have to do is retrieve the code from the app and enter it on Instagram and two factor authentication will be enabled on your account. This feature has started rolling out and will be available globally in a few weeks.
  3. Increased access to verification: Till now, the method of getting your Instagram account verified was not clear. But now, the app is changing that. Users can now initiate the process of getting a verified account via a form available on the platform. It can be requested for by visiting ‘Settings’ on your profile and choosing ‘Request Verification.’ Then, the user will be required to share their username, their full name, and their business/legal identification. However, don’t get your hopes too high because, according to Instagram, requesting for verification doesn’t guarantee that your account will be verified.

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