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iPhone turns 12: Twelve things you didn’t know you can do on it

This week, iPhone turned 12 on January 9. To recall, on January 9, 2007, the first ever iPhone was announced at Mac World. To celebrate this occasion, we have made a list of cool yet useful things that you should try on your Apple iPhone. But before we get started we should tell you to update your device at least to iOS 12. Here’s a look at the little-known things that can be done on your iPhone:

Enable QR code scanner

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QR code

For doing this, you head to the Settings of your iPhone, then go to Control Centre and then select the option of ‘Customise Controls’. Here, you will see the option called ‘QR Code Scanner’. This lets you use your iPhone’s camera to scan QR codes.

Allow automatic software updates


If you have iOS 12 installed on your iPhone, you will be able to allow automatic updates on your device. Head to Settings of your iPhone and then go to General. Here, select the option of Software Update and tap Automatic Updates. Enable the option to install automatic updates on your iPhone. You will be notified before any update gets installed.

Set up multiple faces on Face ID

Face ID

This feature is limited to iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR because these are the only iPhones in Apple’s lineup that support Face ID. To enable multiple faces on your iPhone’s Face ID, go to Settings, and then select Face ID. After that, press on passcode and then choose the option of ‘Set Up an Alternate Appearance.’

Do more with Photos


IF you have the iOS 12 installed on your iPhone, your Photos app will show you a ‘For You’ tab that showcases your memories from your photo album. You also get sharing suggestions from the revamped app.

Siri Shortcuts


There are a number of Siri shortcuts which can make your life easier. To know what shortcuts Siri supports on your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Siri & Search’ and then go to ‘All Shortcuts’. Here, there will be a number of Siri suggestions that you will be able to see. Use the ones that you like and these recorded phrases will then start appearing under My Shortcuts in Settings.

Autofill passwords via third-party password apps


If you have a problem with remembering all your passwords, you should know that if your iPhone is updated, you can use password managers like LastPass on it to fill in your passwords. Till now, these apps could only be used for passwords in Safari, but now they can be used to fill passwords of other apps too.

Get detailed battery stats


To get detailed battery stats, you can head to the Settings of your iPhone and then go to Battery. Here, you can see the detailed battery usage along with graphs that tell you where you have used your battery the most.

Use the Hindi-English dictionary


To access this feature of iPhone, go to Settings, select General and then choose the option of Dictionary. Here, you will find a new bilingual dictionary which can help you by predicting words when you use the Hindi Transliteration keyboard.

Use the thesaurus


To use the thesaurus on your iPhone, head to Settings, go to General and then choose Dictionary. Here, there is a choice between two dictionaries which you can use – Oxford Thesaurus of English and Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus.  Enable the one you want to use and it will give you suggestions when you are typing on Notes, Pages or more.

Do more with voice memo settings


To make the most of the Voice Memos, go to Settings and then choose the option of Voice Memos. Here, you set the option of clearing the deleted voice recordings after a few days or choose to record in a compressed audio format.

Check the air quality in the Weather app

Weather app

Air quality is increasingly becoming a big concern. If you live in an area where this issue is prevalent, the Weather app on your iPhone will show air readings as well. However, if it is not a major issue in the city you live in, you won’t see it.

Select text on your device without using 3D Touch ID

3D Touch ID

You can select text on your iPhone very easily without using the 3D Touch ID feature. All you have to do is long-press on the space bar to use this feature.

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