PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode: 12 tips to kill the zombies and win the Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile zombies mode 5

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode is the hardest mode in the game so far and with it, the fiercest possible fight has begun. You don’t only have to kill other players, but you also need to deal with zombies from Resident Evil 2. PubG Mobile Season 6 has also been announced and we for one cannot wait to get our hands on it. Also, if you like playing PubG Mobile Online, then there might be some bad news for you. Tencent might put a 6 hours restriction on the game per day per player.

To make things easier for you, we are listing down 12 tips that you can follow to win your Chicken dinner and to defeat the deadly zombies in the PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode:

1See where you land

PUBG Mobile mistakes 5

No matter which mode of PUBG Mobile you are playing, the place where you land always matters. We suggest you land at populated spots on the Map like Pochinki. Here, along with you, there will be a number of other players who will be engaged in fighting so that should kill off more number of zombies quickly.



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