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Quick Smartphone Games to Play When You Need a Break

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It’s common to have a little pocket of free time that you don’t know what to do with. Perhaps you’re on public transportation, waiting in line at the store, or you’ve arrived at a meeting early and want to take your mind off work for a bit. Having your smartphone pre-loaded with games is an excellent way to occupy this time.

Here are some timeless games you can play on your smartphone whenever you want a break for a few minutes.

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Chess and Checkers

People have been playing checkers and chess for more than a millennium. The clear rules, infinite possibilities, and strategic challenge make this a game you’ll love putting your mind toward.

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Since the ruleset is pretty standard across the board, choose a version to download that you find the most graphically impressive, with various options for pieces. You might also choose based on multiplayer options, the difficulty of artificial intelligence (AI), piece animation, and other criteria.

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Poker, Roulette, and Other Casino Games

Casinos also feature some of the most timeless and engaging games you’ll find. The speed and processing power of today’s smartphones has allowed developers to make some impressive casino games of all your favorites.

If you’re a poker fan, consider an app or site that has different variations of poker, such as Omaha, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Five Card Stud. Consider whether you’d like to play limit or no limit, and explore offline and online multiplayer options.

Study your smartphone specs to make sure the hardware is up to the task. Learn your phone’s processor speed so that your casino games are seamless and without slowdown. Today, there are live roulette online variations like Speed Roulette that require you to place your bets quickly. Other fast-paced casino game variations include Speed Blackjack and Speed Bacarrat.

Knowing that your smartphone is ready will let you confidently participate in these sorts of games. No matter the game speed, familiarize yourself with the odds and different types of bets.

Math and Word Games

These games are like mental reps that can keep you sharp. There are countless math and word games you can try out to see what you enjoy.

Math games that feature timed drills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, and other areas of the subject. Others involve different combinations of numbers and calculations as part of the game board or rule set.

These games are excellent for your brain, as Stanford Medicine prizes the development of number sense over memorization. Word games are also excellent brain teasers. You might have to search for hidden words, create combinations of words, or take on numerous spelling challenges.

Bits of Fun at a Time

Get whatever phone package and data plan you need to play all your favorite games whenever you’d like. If you start with the games above, you will always have some fun options that you can use to fill dead time. Work on your strategy and you might just become quite skilled in the process.

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