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Top 3 Tune Up Utilities for Windows

Computers are amazing!

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However, like everything else, they can get less efficient and slower over time. And, if you’re not the “patient”-type, the whole situation might seem pretty annoying to you. I mean, I’ve seen people breaking their PC over this issue.

So, yes, it’s that bad.

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However, when such an issue occurs, you’ll have three choices to choose from –

  • Buy a brand new computer.
  • Accept the slower speed and get more patient, or
  • Use a tune-up utility tool.

So, which one do you think would be better for you?

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If you ask me, I’ll choose the third option, as I’m not a really patient person. And, I definitely refuse to change my beastly gaming rig.

It was too expensive!

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Tune-Up Utilities – What’s The Catch?

A PC tune-up utility, in essence, is a software program that can analyze your system files, locate the problematic area, and correct them. This, in turn, can improve the performance of your PC and decrease the start-up time too.

Usually, with a PC tune-up utility, you can start with defragmenting your HDD and free up some space by eliminating duplicate and temporary files. Besides, it also focuses on cleaning up the registry. It can lower the prominence of crashes and slow down your computer.

Three Tune-Up Utilities To Look Forward To

If I’m being honest, Windows 10, itself, does an excellent job of keeping your computer in proper shape. Nonetheless, if you use your computer regularly or work on it for a prolonged period, the amount of clutter can increase massively.

And, if you don’t delete them, the speed of your PC will slow down imminently.

Hence, to help you out, I have enlisted a plethora of utility tools and offered some valuable insights into them. Hopefully, I can help you out with it.

Iolo System Mechanic

When it comes to clearing up the clutter of your PC, Iolo can be the best possible option from almost every front. For starters, it can delete your files securely without making any mistakes.

Besides, you’ll get several additional valuable tools that can help you take care of other system-related tasks and improve your system’s speed.

The only problem with this software is that it can only be used in Windows. Hence, if you are using a MAC, I’ll ask you to move on to the next alternative.

Piriform CCleaner

If Iolo sits in the first position in the list of “the best tune-up utility tool,” CCleaner can be considered as a close second. To begin with, it can clean the junk available in both your PC’s system and browser. Also, it can fix app- or system-related errors pretty efficiently.

Another quirky feature of this tool is that it can auto-update your device’s driver and utility quickly. This, in turn, can improve your system’s speed and performance notably.

Just one thing, though.

CCleaner has a free version, which can only be used if you can cope with advertisements. Or, you can try upgrading to the premium variant.

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup, in essence, is the most beginner-friendly application you’ll find out there on the internet. It’s a one-stop solution to clear up the clutter of junk files, optimize your registry folders, and uninstall unwanted apps.

With Advanced PC Cleanup, you can also clean almost each and every redundant file situated on your computer. Finally, there’s also an identity protector available in the system. You can use the same for hiding your identity traces on the web.

Final Thoughts

The core job of a tune-up utility software program will be to improve your PC’s performance and make it better than before. Hence, if you think that your system has become a little slow, be sure to use the tool I’ve mentioned before.

As I’ve said, each of them is tried and tested by us. Hence, you can definitely trust them. But, before you opt for anything, I’ll ask you to go for a free trial of the software. This way, you can understand if the tool is right for you or not.

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