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Top 7 Tips to Charge Your Smartphone Faster With or Without a Fast Charger

Forgot to charge your phone, didn’t you? With these tips and tricks, fast charge your phone with or without a fast charger.

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Look, you forgot to charge your phone again. It happens, don’t worry! With an extremely busy schedule and millions of thoughts going on in our minds, it’s very easy to forget small tasks like putting your smartphone to charge. Moreover, if you have to go to work in the morning, or for meeting your friends, you know your phone will be used till the last drop of battery left in it. In such circumstances, if you forget to charge your smartphone, panic and dread immediately follow up. After all, nobody wants to hear a scolding from their boss for getting late to work, right? In case you get your hands on your buddy’s charger at work, try these top 7 tips to charge your smartphone faster. The best part is that you don’t even need a fast charger for it.

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

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Airplane Mode-Top 7 Tips to Charge Your Smartphone Faster With or Without a Fast Charger

The connectivity of your phone is one of the factors responsible for draining your battery quickly. Putting your phone in the Airplane Mode will help you save your battery. Although you won’t be able to connect to a network, you still will be able to use any application you necessarily might need to use. 

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Enable Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode- Top 7 Tips to Charge Your Smartphone Faster With or Without a Fast Charger

Enabling power saving mode helps in reducing the power consumption of your smartphone by limiting the background processes running in your device and hence increases the net charging speed. 

Power Off Your Phone

Power Off- Top 7 Tips to Charge Your Smartphone Faster With or Without a Fast Charger

The best way to charge your phone faster is by ensuring that all your smartphone is focusing upon is charging itself. How can that be done? By powering off your phone, yes. Hey, if it charges your phone faster, then why not?

Connect To a Wall Socket

Connect to a Wall Socket

If you are connecting your phone to a computer or a laptop for charging, switch to a wall socket instead. Wall sockets have a much greater amperage than a USB port and therefore help in charging devices much faster.

Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

Don't use your phone while charging

If you use your phone while charging, your phone will simultaneously spend any power it has gained according to your usage. Hence, it is advisable not to use your phone while charging, as it will make the charging process even slower. 

Get Fast Charging Cables

Get Fast Charging Cables

The quality of the cable also matters while charging. If possible, try to invest in high quality fast charging cables. You may also make a one-time investment in a power bank so that even if you forgot to charge at home, you can still charge your smartphone on the way. 

Get fast charging cables from here.

Get a power bank from here.

Avoid Heat

Avoid Heat

Heat or high temperatures like keeping or using your phone in the sun damages the battery lifetime of your device. Hence, try to keep your phone away from heat.

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So those were our top 7 tips to charge your smartphone faster, with or without a fast charger. If you know any more tricks to fast charge your smartphone, let us know in the comments section below. 

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