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Want to stay fit? Here is our list of top 5 fitness bands to help you stay healthy

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Fitness and health is n everyone’s mind but only a handful do something about it. People are more conscious about their health, but they are too busy with their hectic life and schedules. So they don’t have enough time for gymming or yoga sessions. But, now one can easily stay fit by using these fitness bands. These act like your personal trainer to bring you back into shape. Check out our top 5 fitness bands recommendations.


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Goqii Fitness Band

The Goqii Fitness band is a decent looking band.  It comes in black and red colour combination. The Goqii fitness band is a light fitness tracker that can be adjusted over any wrist type. The tracker is right in the middle of the strap and can be easily removed for a quick charge. One can easily use it by downloading the Goqii app on the Smartphone.

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This band is water resistant and one can take it out on (light) rainy day too. The Goqii fitness band show you things like calories burnt and distance travelled. A charger comes in the box so that one does not need to find a USB port to it. Users can get the GOQii Fitness band with a 6 month coach subscription option of Rs 6,999 or 12 month option of Rs 11,999.


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Yu Fitness Band

The Yu Fitness band is a simple looking rubberized band, which consists of various sensors that helps to track the daily activities performed by a person. This device comes with OLED touch display and is water resistant. This band also notifies users with new missed calls, SMS and mails alerts.

Yu Fit is an activity tracker, which shows you things like calories burnt and distance travelled. One has to download Healthify Me application on their mobile device to use the band fully. This app will coach its users to be healthy and fit. Healthify me provides various kinds of exercises, workouts, diet controls and weight loss tips. Yu fit band can be bought for just Rs 999.


Mi Band

The Mi Band is another rubberized band. This oval-shaped tracking module comes in black colour. There are three LEDs on top, which can be customised in the Mi Fit app. This app will show one’s own progress. Mi band show the steps you walk, distance covered and calories burnt.

It will also show you that how close you are to complete your daily target. Mi band also features alarm and vibration on calls functions. A charger comes in the box so that one does not need to find a USB port to charge the Mi Fitness band. Mi band is available at Rs 999.

tomtom_runner_multi_sport_watchTomTom Runner Band

The TomTom Runner band is available in two colours, which consists of grey and pink. It comes in two parts. First part is the watch module. This is made up of a scratch resistant LCD display. The other is the One Touch control that surrounds the receiver. It also sports a four-button control pad.

The display and control pad can be taken out of the rubber watch strap to charge inside the dedicated charging slot. The TomTom Runner delivers real-time details about time, distance, heart rate, pace and more to its user. It packs a built-in heart rate monitor for tracking user’s heart rate, too. The TomTom Runner is available for Rs 12,999.


FitBit Surge

Now hers is a tracker that we quite like. It looks like a smartwatch, but actually is an advanced fitness band. It is designed for people who love to work out or are willing to get back into the routine. The Fitbit Surge has a large LCD display on it that is able to fit multiple stats. The backlight interface allows you to keep tabs of your active minutes, heart rate and more. Under the watch one will find two green LED lights, which actually monitor the user’s heart rate. One can easily strap the device on and use it for prolonged periods of time.

Fitbit Surge has a total of eight sensors. It can track your movements beyond the usual steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Altimeter will monitor how many floors you climb and the GPS can map your running path. All in all, a great fitness tracker for a serious price of Rs 19,990.

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