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Why a Chromebook Is Probably All You Need For Work

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Many corporate organizations and individual users want to get rid of powerful and often inconvenient computers with many administrative restrictions and functions that are not used as unnecessary. Therefore, an alternative (cheaper and more comfortable to use) is a Chromebook.

Missing traditional desktop

On the open screen of the Chromebook, when the user has everything closed (files, applications), it is empty and will remain so. You cannot place folders and shortcuts on the work screen, as was customary for traditional personal computers. It may seem unusual to some, who posted many of them for the convenience of quick access. Therefore, you will have to get used to such a unique moment.

Settings characteristic

Most of the Chromebook interface comes from MacOS. But there is no “right click”; instead, a two-finger tap is used, which brings up the context menu. Some key combinations are taken from Windows, but most are from Mac. Note that keyboard shortcuts cannot be changed. The only thing is that in the settings, there is a list of keyboard shortcuts from which you can remember the frequently used ones.

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File uploads are visible

When you receive a file or a download link in the Windows system, you need to click on it, and the file opens. But the system, in parallel (by default), loads the file opened by the user in a specific folder. But on ChromeOS, the process is different. If you click on a file, the system will open a download window and ask you for a location to download it. It avoids automatic and uncontrolled downloads of unnecessary files for further use. This process avoids the automatic filling of the disk with unnecessary files that take up space.

Instant system activation and deactivation

The Chromebook instantly wakes up as soon as the user opens the lid, eliminating the use of the power button. When you close the top, it deactivates and goes into sleep mode. At the same time, in sleep mode during the night, it will spend no more than 2% of its energy resource, which indicates a very economical energy consumption.

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Simple Formatting

The ChromeOS system allows you to go to the factory settings instantly. Finding the appropriate command in the settings menu would be best. This feature is very convenient if you need to transfer the Chromebook to another user (or sell it). By the way, a unique Power Wash feature allows you to delete all stored user files automatically.

Extensions and applications

Before purchasing a Chromebook, the user wonders what can be used to open various types of files. But this should be manageable because the ChromeOS system includes many programs allowing you to open almost any file.

There are three apps available for the modern Chromebook:

  • Chrome web browser extension;
  • ChromeOS application;
  • Android application.

The first two are in the Web Store. Extensions are launched through the corresponding item in the browser menu and open in its tabs but cannot be opened in a separate window. On the contrary, applications (ChromeOS Applications) will be displayed as shortcuts in the program menu and can be spread by individual cats, having their own shortcut.

The Android app can run on many Chromebooks, and Google Play has a slightly reduced list of apps. It has removed those applications considered incompatible with this device’s system.

Cloud storage

One of the most significant advantages of a Chromebook is the ability to store files in the cloud. ChromeOS has its file storage manager with Google Drive access configured (by default). This application is similar to Windows Explorer, which cannot please those who regularly use this program. So it is possible to use Google Cloud. Compared to Windows, where Explorer can access a local synced folder with the cloud, ChromeOS works directly with cloud files. The main thing is that comfortable access to file cloud storage is provided, excluding implementing unique settings. This feature is very convenient because the Chromebook has no built-in hard drive to save large volumes.

Thanks to the Chromebook system file manager, connecting to the other cloud storage file system is possible, for example, by using Google Workspace services.

Office Applications

All Google Office and system applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) work the same way as in the Windows system, but with slight differences, which obviously will not affect the work.

The user is always connected to the Chromebook

Using messages in life and being constantly in touch is the most important. Therefore, the service of various instant messengers is also provided in the ChromeOS system:

  • For e-mail, it is more convenient to work in the browser.
  • Google Meet – an extension is provided for it, launched from the extensions menu;
  • Telegram – effectively works with the Android application;
  • WhatsApp – there is an Android one, but it will not function on the created account; trying to register another. Therefore, the alternative is the unofficial WhatsChrome application, which works perfectly, and the official WhatsApp for Windows.
  • Viber – as well as Telegram, will work well with the Android application.

Therefore, people can use these messengers at their discretion – convenience and regular use. Chromebook is an inexpensive alternative to PCs and laptops, allowing you to use it without compromising efficiency.

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