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Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds review: Ticks all the boxes

A product music lovers must know about...

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Since wireless earphones have become mainstream, very few people want to bother themselves with cables. Naturally, all the major technology companies have come up with their own wireless earbuds in the last few years, and you can also find the product in all price ranges. Recently, Acer launched its Gateway GAHR012 TWS earbuds in India at a price of Rs 3,499. If you have been considering buying these, check out our review of Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds:

Acer Gateway GAHR012 design

The design of Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds is one among its pros. The earbuds as well as their case are White in colour and have a very premium look and feel. The charging case of the earbuds is rectangular in shape but has rounded corners. On the front, there is a button and LED indicators, while on the back, information like the model number is mentioned in a very tiny font in Silver colour. The bottom has the USB Type-C charging port. Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds’ case has a magnetic closure, and obviously this is a good thing as it stops the earphones from falling out of the case.

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Coming to the earbuds, as we mentioned earlier, they are also White in colour. But they also have some Black coloured accents. Even the ‘R’ and ‘L’ written on the right and the left earbud respectively are Black. Besides this, there are three ear tips that the company has given in the box, so you can choose the one that fits you the best. Another good aspect of the earbuds is that they are very light in weight, and hence, you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with them even if you wear them for hours at a stretch. Acer Gateway GAHR012 comes with IPX4 rating, which makes them water resistant. The earbuds also come with touch controls, so with a single tap on the earbuds (while they are in use) will play or pause the music or can answer incoming phone calls.

Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds 3

Volume can be increased and decreased by pressing and holding the right and the left earbud respectively. Music tracks can also be changed by double-tapping on the earbuds. Double tap the left one to go on a previous track and double tap the right one for the next track. In a nutshell, we would say that Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds are comfortable to wear and premium in looks. We don’t have any complains as far as the design goes.

Acer Gateway GAHR012 performance

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Before going on to the performance, we would talk about pairing the earbuds with a smartphone. It was fairly easy to pair the Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds to our device. The Bluetooth of the earbuds turns on the moment you take them out of the case. Then, you can just go to the Bluetooth section of your smartphone and look for ‘GAHR012’. Click on it to pair. However, if you want TWS enabled, then first pair the earbuds together and then pair them with your device.

The connection between our smartphone and earbuds remained strong and clear at all times. After pairing the earbuds, even if our smartphone was kept in a different room, the performance wasn’t affected due to the range.

Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds 2

The earbuds from Acer come with a 9mm audio driver and support a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. The earbuds also have a latency of 220ms. The sound quality that Gateway GAHR012 earbuds produce is extremely good and the clarity of sound is maintained even at very high volumes. Noise cancellation is another aspect that the earbuds excelled in. Even when we used the earbuds at a rather busy airport, we weren’t disturbed much by the outside noise (besides the loud announcements, of course). Last but not the least, the quality of bass produced by the earbuds was really impressive.

Coming to the battery life of the earbuds, they easily last around 4-5 hours on a single charge. Then, you can put them back again in the charging case, and they’ll be fully charged again in 1.5-2 hours. You can do this thrice before charging the case again.


At a price of Rs 3,499, Acer Gateway GAHR012 TWS earbuds are a good buy. The earbuds are premium to look at and the performance is great too. The sound clarity is really good and the bass and noise cancellation are pros too. We faced a slight problem because of the touch controls of the earbuds because there were times when we inadvertently paused the music, but then, we’re sure with time users would get more accustomed to it. We see no reason to not recommend it.

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Since wireless earphones have become mainstream, very few people want to bother themselves with cables. Naturally, all the major technology companies have come up with their own wireless earbuds in the last few years, and you can also find the product in all price...Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds review: Ticks all the boxes

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