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Logitech MX Keys S Review: Ticks all the boxes

Logitech MX Keys S brings some minor but important upgrades along with a new improved customisation software.

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If you are planning to upgrade your PC accessories, any product from Logitech’s catalogue is generally a safe bet. The company launched the new MX Anywhere 3S mouse with the MX Keys S keyboard earlier this month. We spent the last couple of weeks playing around with these computer peripherals. While both devices retain their signature design, there are some key changes in terms of software. We previously reviewed the Logitech Anywhere 3S mouse, which you can check out here. Now, we turn our attention to the MX Keys S keyboard. What does this keyboard have to offer and is it worth upgrading from your current one? Find out in our Logitech MX Keys S review.

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Logitech MX Keys S review: Design

Logitech MX Keys S is available in two variants. The ‘Mini’ version is compact and ditches the number pad for a smaller form factor. The arrow keys on this keyboard are smaller and it gets rid of the additional navigation keys like ‘page up/down’, ‘home’, ‘end’, and ‘insert’. The regular version is much more expansive, and something you’d want if you don’t intend to travel with it. Inside the box, you get the keyboard, a Logi Bolt USB receiver, a USB Type-C charging cable, and some user documentation.

Logitech MX Keys S review: Design

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Logitech has made very few changes to the design of the MX Keys S. The keyboard weighs 810g and sits at dimensions of 131.63mm x 430.2mm x 20.5mm. The overall design is very minimal, with no flashy elements to it. The sleekness is another thing to marvel at. The aluminium frame is incredibly sturdy. This thing is built to last. In line with the minimal design philosophy, the keyboard does not come with an integrated palm rest, although you can buy one separately from Logitech’s website.

Flipping the keyboard over, you will find out why it is so heavy. The bar running along the top feels very heavy and dense. It gives the keyboard a nice tilt which makes typing on it even more comfortable. Six rubber feet keep the keyboard in place, but there are no adjustable plastic feet to increase the angle of the tilt. Not a dealbreaker, but we would have liked that option.

Let’s talk about the keys for a bit. The circular indentations on the plastic keycaps give a nice flow to the overall typing experience. Once you get used to the keyboard and know exactly where to land your fingers, you will admire the comfort of the indents. In true Logitech fashion, there are three dedicated keys to toggle between connected devices. The transition is seamless, and all you need to do is press the appropriate key for the connected device.

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Logitech MX Keys S review: Design

You will also find dedicated function keys for emojis and voice typing along with the usual media playback buttons. Right above the numpad, there are dedicated keys for the calculator, snipping tool, and options (right-click). Since the Logitech MX Keys S is compatible with Windows and Mac devices, you will find the cmd/alt and opt/start keys appropriately labelled on it.

The backlighting on the keyboard is now auto-adjustable, depending on the intensity of the surrounding light. When left undisturbed for a few minutes, the keyboard automatically kills the backlight. The hand proximity sensors on the device turn on the backlighting upon sensing the motion of your hands reaching for it. There is no manual key to turn on the backlight from the keyboard itself. You will need to install the Logitech Options customisation software to turn it on (more on that later).

Logitech MX Keys S review: Performance

Connecting the Logitech MX Keys S to your PC is an absolute breeze. As soon as we turned on the power switch for the keyboard, the pairing notification immediately popped up on our Windows 11 laptop. Logitech has provided the ‘Logi Bolt’ USB receiver along with the package, which is a nice addition. You can pair up to three devices with this keyboard. We used it with a Windows laptop, an Android tablet, and an Android smartphone. The transition between the three devices, facilitated by the three connection keys, was smooth as butter.

Logitech MX Keys S review: Performance

The typing experience offered by Logitech MX Keys S leaves very little room for complaints. Being a non-mechanical keyboard, the keys on it are largely muted and have minimal travel. You can use this keyboard in an office without worrying about any loud clicking noise. The indentations that we mentioned earlier vastly accentuate the typing experience, making it more concise and focused. Even without the additional palm rest, you can type for hours on this without feeling any fatigue.

The star of the show for us was Logitech’s Options+ customisation software. We used this software with the MX Anywhere 3S mouse earlier and were thoroughly impressed by what it had to offer. We were pleased to see a similar range of options for the MX Keys S too. To begin with, you can use Logitech Options to adjust the brightness of the backlighting on the keyboard. You can also assign special actions to the function keys.

But the real kicker is the ‘Smart Actions’ feature that lets you automate multiple tasks with a single keystroke. These macro functions are very easy to design on the Options app. You can program a key to launch Google Chrome, Spotify, and Slack at once. If you do a set of repetitive tasks at the start of every workday, this feature will be of incredible help. We’d like to see Logitech flesh out this feature in future updates and incorporate more apps and functions in it.

Equipped with a 1,500 mAh battery, the Logitech MX Keys S can last up to 10 days on a single charge. With backlighting turned off, this keyboard can last up to 5 months on a full charge. We’ve been using the device with backlighting turned on and custom settings enabled for a week and haven’t had to charge it once. The keyboard remains at a solid 30% charge. Charging the keyboard is not a hassle, as it comes with a USB Type-C port positioned at the ideal spot (top right corner of the edge).

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Rs 13,295 is a steep price to pay for a keyboard, but with Logitech MX Keys S, it gets you the best of what’s out there. The design and build of this keyboard scream premium. Once you get a taste of the typing experience on this device, any other keyboard will feel like a downgrade. If you’re looking for a quiet, sleek keyboard for your home office, the Logitech MX Keys S perfectly fits the bill.

Logitech MX Keys S review: Pros

  • Sleek design
  • Excellent typing experience
  • Auto-backlight
  • Tons of automation options on Logitech Options software

Logitech MX Keys S review: Cons

  • No dedicated key to turn on the backlight
  • Bit pricey

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If you are planning to upgrade your PC accessories, any product from Logitech’s catalogue is generally a safe bet. The company launched the new MX Anywhere 3S mouse with the MX Keys S keyboard earlier this month. We spent the last couple of weeks...Logitech MX Keys S Review: Ticks all the boxes

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