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3 Simple Ways to Schedule Auto Power On/Off on Your Android Phone

Use these simple methods to schedule when your phone turns off automatically.

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Scheduling your phone’s power-off time can be helpful in more ways than one. You can schedule it for when you have to attend a meeting or a lecture. You can even set the timing according to your bedtime, so you do not get disturbed while you sleep. Turning off your phone for a few hours every day can also help preserve the battery life. In this article, we show 3 simple ways to schedule auto power on/off on your Android smartphone.

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Use the Built-In Feature

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Most Android smartphones come with a built-in feature to schedule power on/off. Simple go to Settings>Addtional Settings and select Automatic On/Off. Select the time for automatic power off and power on. Your smartphone will turn the power off and back on at the scheduled time. Remember, this setting can also be in the battery or power management settings of your device. 

Auto Power On/Off in Android Nougat smartphones

If you’re using an Android Nougat smartphone, the built-in schedule power on/off feature is pretty easy to use. Simply go to Settings>Advanced and choose Scheduled Power On/Off. Turn the toggle on for power off and power on, and set the timing according to your liking. Remember, this setting can also be in the battery or power management settings of your device. 

Use a third-party app

Use a third-party app

Some smartphones do not come with a native power on/off scheduler. For example, you will not find the schedule auto power on/off feature in certain Samsung phoes. Luckily, there are a few third-party apps available that can carry out the same task. Apps like AutoOff will automatically shut down your device at a set time. You can also set the time for an automatic reboot. The dynamic notification keeps you informed of the time left for scheduled power off. You can also extend the scheduled power off by a simple tap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my alarm still work if my phone is switched off?

No, your alarm will not ring if your phone is switched off. To make sure the alarm goes off at the scheduled time, make sure you set the time for your phone to switch on before the time set for the alarm.

Will my phone still charge if it is switched off?

Yes, your phone will charge if it is plugged into a power source while switched off. 

My smartphone does not have a native power on/off scheduler. What should I do?

There are several apps on the Google Play Store that help schedule your phone’s power off and power on time. You can try downloading AutoOff, Shutdown, or Sleep timer.

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These were the 3 simple to schedule auto power on/off on your Android smartphone. If you do not want to turn off your phone entirely while you sleep, some smartphones also come with a ‘Bedtime Mode’ where your phone will remain turned on but won’t receive any calls or alerts. Additionally, the colours will be set to greyscale, so if you have to check your phone in the middle of the night, the glare won’t affect your eyes a lot and you will be able to go back to sleep right away.

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