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How can you enable Google Chrome extensions in incognito window?

In the incognito mode, you lose your default extensions. Here is how you enable them.

When you browse through websites, your activity is not immune to monitoring. Your login history and cookies associated with the websites provide enough information about your online activity. However, today, almost all the web-browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla provide methods to privately surf through the internet. Google’s web browser Chrome provides the incognito mode for visiting websites without being monitored or tracked.

Who needs to enable Google Chrome extensions in an incognito window and why?

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Although the incognito mode saves your online activity to a certain extent from being tracked, it automatically takes away the extensions of the default window. Chromes does this to eliminate all chances of tracking by the extensions. However, you can enable Google Chrome extensions in your incognito window.

How to activate extensions in incognito mode?

To activate one or more extensions in incognito mode, follow these steps.

1) Clicking on the three vertical dots on the top-right.

2) Go to the ‘Settings’

3) On the side menu, click on ‘Extensions’

Extensions Tab

You could also quickly navigate to the Extensions tab through the ‘Extensions’ icon located on the top bar right next to your profile photo. When you click the ‘Extensions’ icon, you’ll find all your installed extensions. Click the ‘Manage Extensions’ option listed below the extensions.

4) Choose the extension that you want to enable in incognito mode and click on ‘Details’

5) In the pop-up box, locate the ‘Allow in incognito’ section.

6) Turn the toggle on.

Set the toggle on.

You may enable as many installed extensions in incognito mode as you like. As soon as you exit the ‘Extensions’ tab, the settings will take effect. The above steps won’t change any permissions for the extensions in the default (non-private) window.

Before you enable one or more extensions in incognito mode, you must note that they may track your browsing history or other sensitive information and yield it to a third party. Thus, ensure the extension you’re permitting is trusted and has a fair record.

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