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How to Play Wordle: Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro At Wordle

Here are some tips for you to play and master Wordle like a pro.

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Five letters, six guesses, and one word. You guessed it right, we are talking about our dear Wordle. When John Wardle introduced this game, he might not have thought about the immense popularity this game will gain irrespective of age group and geography. But here we are, playing a scavenger hunt in our heads to get that one damn word. Today, we will give you five easy tips to play Wordle like a pro.

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Before we dive into the tips, let’s loop in those who are playing it for the first time. 

If You Joined the Party Late, Here is How to Get Started

Visit the Wordle website, where the game reigns supreme! It isn’t on typical app stores, and guess what? There are no ads, in-app purchases, or membership fees. 

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This is how it works: You will be given a five-letter word to crack. You have six guesses to solve the mystery. Take note of the feedback! A correct letter in the correct location turns green, whereas a correct letter in the wrong spot turns yellow. What about the rest? They remain in the grey zone.

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So, what does one have to do to be the Wordle Champ? Well, here are some tricks that might come in handy:

Tips to Set the Wordleboard on Fire

Tip 1: Begin with the Popular Letters

Some letters hold more power than others. Choose your sacrificial first lamb made of these powerful letters. Those who play word games regularly know that a “P” or an “S” is more likely to occur than an “X” or a “Z”.

Building on it, vowels(a,e, i,o,u) are the most common letters to appear in a word. Try making your first words using a combination of these with other common letters like T, N, P, etc. It is a good strategy to proceed with the hit-and-trial method.

Try using ADIEU, TEARS, and EARNS.

Tip 2: Boggle your mind with different word games

Wordle skills, like any other skill, get better with practice. Don’t limit yourself, hone your wit with other games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Bananagrams. Wordle skills are not unique to it, so might as well play other crossword games with your friends, family, or your computer.

Play other puzzle video games like Portal 2 to sharpen your brain. Outboard your opponents in Chess. Any puzzle game that can exercise your brain will work as a catalyst in the guessing game of Wordle.

Tip 3: Play Wordle daily

Discipline. Yes, you read it right. Play it every day. It’s a cure for boredom and is a good brain tonic. In today’s age of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram reels and Tik Toks, this might be considered a productive endeavour. 

It also helps us to communicate better, not going overboard here, but it widens our vocabulary. We have learnt so many good and weird words on Wordle that mindfully stumbling upon them would have had a probability close to zero. For instance, one time it was “Sissy.” Three S’s in one word, it was a task to get this one right.

Tip 4: Wordle Only Uses US Spellings

This seemingly minor detail sometimes put the British spellers under a spell. An American reader might not put much thought to it but Wordle might play with this little oversight.

For example, the word might be “COLOR” but one could lose their streak if they overlooked the American factor in it.

Tip 5: Keep a Check on Your Statistics

Keep an eye on your Wordle statistics to track your score and guess performance. Whether you use the same starting word each time or change it up, analysing your guess data is vital to determining the effectiveness of your strategy and making adjustments.

Accessing your up-to-date statistics is a breeze through your account, allowing you to stay informed and adjust your approach in real-time.

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Whether you are getting started with Wordle or are a pro at it, these tips will teach you how to play Wordle like a pro every day. Drop in more tricks in the comments and help your fellow Wordlers out.

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