10 services that help you email large attachments

send large files

Sending large attachments over email can be a pain. But luckily, there are multiple services available on the internet that can help you with the same. Ranging from Google‘s dedicated Drive to various apps and services that don’t even require a sign-up, there are scores of ways to send large files to someone. Here, we are listing down 10 such services that you can use whenever you have to email large attachments to your contacts.

1Google Drive (For Gmail users)

If you are sending a heavy attachment via Gmail, then you can use Google Drive to make the task simpler for yourself. When you open a new message in Gmail, click on the triangular Drive icon at the bottom of the page and then select the files you wish to send. If the files you wish to send are saved in your Google Drive, you shall be able to see it below ‘My Drive’ or else you can also upload the file you want to send. Do note that if you try and attach a file larger than 25MB in Gmail, Google Drive automatically kicks in.