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CES 2021: 5 amazing tech-trends that will transform our lives

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As the Consumer Technology Association Foundation is thrilled to highlight the ways technology is helping people of all ages at the CES 2021, let’s take a look at 5 amazing tech-trends that will soon change our lives:

How robotics is changing the world around us

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In the recent times, we have noticed that robots are transforming industries including caregiving and health care, mobility and delivery, household tasks, leisure and recreation, retail and customer experience, and education. Though there might have been concerns about automation and the future of work before the current health crisis, the pandemic has shown how robots are benefiting us while the world grapples with the novel coronavirus.

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The safety provided by robots, as well as the fact that robotic solutions are helping businesses stay open, are making them popular companions in the current climate. Robots are also able to safely drop off packages and groceries to consumers. As contactless and online shopping experiences are on the rise, robotic and sterile delivery options are now desirable.

Robots can help reduce the number of staff that need to physically be at work. As human counterparts try to reduce their exposure to risks, robots are able to efficiently obtain registration and check-in information and return used cutlery. These amazing machines can also safely sanitize workspaces and common areas. In health services, semi-autonomous or remotely monitored robots can disinfect large surfaces quickly, removing the need for cleaners to be exposed to the risk of contagion.

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VR makes way to education

laptop 9


Overall spending on augmented, virtual and mixed reality technology (collectively called XR) — headsets, software and services, including purchases by consumers, increased in 2020 to US$12 billion globally, and is expected to grow at 50 percent annually to 2024. ​Recently COVID-19 has forced multiple schools to use XR since in-person training wasn’t possible. Seeing the current scenario, VR will help institution across the globe in seamless and safe delivery of education at all levels.

Increase in telehealth virtual doctor visit

Navi virtual assistant for doctors

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, people worldwide got dependent on telehealth for consultation with their doctors for treatment. Five percent of all patient visits worldwide will be video calls in 2021, and the market for pure-play telehealth virtual visit solutions (both video and non-video) will reach US$8 billion. More than US$33 billion of medical-grade home health care technology — mainly therapeutic and monitoring solutions and including FDA-approved smartwatches — will be sold in 2021, up almost 20 percent over 2019.​

5G strategies for future

oppo a53 5g

The wait for 5G is coming to an end as new phones and other technology products begin to launch with 5G capabilities and global connectivity powerhouses build out 5G strategies for the future. The coming 5G technology also opens up new opportunities in education. Remote learning and online classrooms will be able to include faster multi-user livestreaming for classroom experiences that match those of in-person learning.

Moreover, streaming technology with 5G technology can also enables teachers to create more engaging experiences by bringing to the classroom immediate access to worldwide subjects and events, such as from the zoo or a cultural celebration across the world. With 5G capabilities, school plays, dance recitals and little league games can be streamed and shared at high speeds from multiple angles so that parents who must be away can support their children from afar as well.

Flying car in four years

tech trends ces 2021

As the burgeoning air taxi industry has continued to evolve, people may soon see a fleet of flying cars hover above everyday streets. A new kind of aerial vehicle, the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) could be the helicopter-drone combination that brings the mobility industry to realize that dream. Ride-sharing giant Uber shared that its intention is to have thousands of VTOLs sharing a city’s airspace. According to Nikhil Goel, head of product at Uber Elevate, the company unit working on VTOL development, “Our goal is to make traveling by air as economical as traveling by car.”

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