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Coronavirus prevention tips: Your smartphone is filthier than a toilet seat, learn how to disinfect it

How to clean your mobile phone

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Yes, you read it right your smartphone is dirtier than your toilet seat. It carries more germs than a toilet seat because you touch everything transferring viruses as well as bacteria. So even if you wash or sanitize your hands properly and wear a mask to prevent the deadly Coronavirus your phone might not be clean enough and have several germs on its surface.

Keeping your device clean might prevent you from catching an infection from your dirty phone. According to a report, your mobile phone is home to more bacterias than a toilet seat. Once contaminated hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there these viruses enter your body and can make you sick

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According to WHO, your hands touch many surfaces that pick up viruses. The Coronavirus stays on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days (depending on the type of surface). 

First things first you should wear a mask and always practice hand hygiene. Here are some measure you can take to keep your smartphone clean without damaging it and prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

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  • First of all switch off your mobile phone and if you’re using a back cover or a protective case also remove it.
  • Wash your hands first and keep them dry using a paper towel. Do not use your hand’s dryer to dry your hands as it also transfers germs and viruses.
  • Now make sure your phone has a screen guard on it.
  • Then take a clean lint-free microfiber cloth or you can also use the one you get to wipe your spectacle lenses. Now moisten it using some rubbing alcohol or a hand sanitizer. Or you can use pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes which are available at a drugstore, opticians or you can also buy them online.
  • Now carefully wipe your phone’s display screen, also do not forget to wipe the side of your phone.
  • Now take a cotton swab or bud and moisten it using the rubbing alcohol. Then clean your charging port and headphone jack. Also, remove the microSD slot or SIM slot and wipe it using the buds.
  • The plastic cover can be washed using soap and warm water. 
  • The leather covers can be wiped clean using the wipes.
  • Before fitting the covers let them dry completely.
  • After this put them back together and turn on your phone.
  • Also, wipe your earphones or headphones and try using them as much as you can to make a call so that the Coronavirus does not transfer from your face to other parts of the body.

In addition to this, try keeping sanitizing hand rub dispensers in prominent places around your workplace or at home to make sure you clean your hands regularly and this habit prevents the spread of COVID-19. Keep surfaces clean such as desks, tables and objects like telephones, phones, laptops, keyboards, and mouse wipe them with disinfectant regularly because simple precautions can make a big difference and also prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.

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