Devil May Cry 5: 10 things you should know about

Devil May Cry 5: 10 things you should know about

Capcom’s Devil May Cry is a stylish action-adventure hack and slash third person shooter game which has five games under its belt. And now, Capcom is releasing the continuation in the DMC series with Devil May Cry 5 (Dmc was not DMC 5). It is releasing globally on March 8 and it continues after the events where the Devil May Cry 4 left off. Read about the things you should know about before getting your hands on with much awaited DMC 5.

1The Story 

DMC 5 -- The story

DMC 5 is a continuation of DMC 4 in the same universe and same timeline. But this time it is the actual successor of the Devil May Cry series, unlike the rebooted Dmc launched back in 2013. The story follows Dante, Nero and a new character V as they fight demons and try to reach the bottom of the events of Red Grave City. The events follow after the DMC 4’s Order of Sword incident. Each playable character has their own agendas for being in the game and are fighting for their own reasons. Without spoiling anything, the storyline in the game is gripping and does justice to the series by taking it forward.



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