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Google says its new, upcoming AI could outsmart ChatGPT

Gemini is being developed at DeepMind laboratory.

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Technology giant Google is reported to be working on a new AI system called Gemini that, the company claims, will rival or even surpass ChatGPT. According to the Wired, the new AI technology is being developed in Google’s DeepMind laboratory.

In order to get ahead of ChatGPT, DeepMind developers are planning to integrate an old AI program called AlphaGo into the upcoming LLM, or language learning model. It is worth noting that AlphaGo is based on reinforcement learning meaning that the software deals with complicated problems through trial and error. But while making repeated attempts to solve the problem, the AI learns from its failures to improve its performance for the future.

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DeepMind is aiming to create Google‘s future language learning model with the ability to solve complex problems.

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But then, Gemini does have the potential to become more intelligent than any other artificial intelligence in the world, considering it has the ability to get and reformat information from the internet into text that sounds more natural. According to DeepMind’s co-founder and CEO Demis Hassabis, “if done correctly, (Gemini) will be the most beneficial technology for humanity ever.”

However, he has also added that the new AI is currently under development and it is a “a process that will take a number of months.” It should also be mentioned that it is going to cost Google a lot of money to develop this as it can range from hundreds to millions of dollars. Even ChatGPT took more than $100 million to be developed.

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In another news, ChatGPT app on iOS now lets customers who pay $20 per month for its service get up-to-date information from Microsoft Bing. This comes after Microsoft made a multi-billion dollar investment into OpenAI earlier this year. It was at its Build Conference in May this year that the company announced that its Bing browser would become the default search engine for ChatGPT.

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It should be noted that the integration has been rolled out to Plus users as a beta in the web version of the ChatGPT app which “knows when and how to browse the internet to answer questions about recent topics and events.” However, the free version of the app is only capable of surfacing information that was available up to 2021.

If you wish to switch on web-browsing with Bing on ChatGPT (iOS), you would have to turn on the Browsing option in the ‘New Features’ section of the app. Then select GPT-4 and once you enter the dropdown menu, pick the option of ‘Browse with Bing’. The feature will “soon” come to the Android version of the app too.

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