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How to choose the right LED bulb?

These days prices of LED bulbs have gone down sharply and their use has become pervasive. It is not surprising that this would happen considering that LED bulbs are more energy efficient, can last more than 20 years. However, customers have always found it hard to choose amongst the most appropriate bulbs considering that they come in various shapes and colours.

Before we move ahead, here is some food for thought that will help you make the decision. There are three categories of bulb in the market, lower temperature bulbs, medium and then high temperature bulbs. These provide warm-whites, neutral-whites and cool-whites respectively. Also, the bluer a light is, the brighter it is. On the other hand, yellow light is dimmer. A white light would also have mid-range brightness. A bulb with a lower kelvin number means warmer and dimmer the light. A bulb with a higher kelvin scale means it is brighter.

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We have listed a few key steps below that might prove to be very useful for you whenever you think of purchasing an LED bulb:

  • Buy them in terms of Lumens and not Watts: It is a common misconception that brightness of LED bulbs is measured in Watts. However, the case is not so—they are measured in Lumens and Watts measure energy usage.
  • Use cool-white lights for office work: These produce light that resemble daylight inside your office. This is going to give you a good feeling and increase your productivity.
  • For bedtime: All of us want a relaxed atmosphere during bedtime. In case you are a bedtime reader then buying lights, which have soft blue or neutral tones is the best option.
  • LED lighting for the living room: In case of a living room one is advised to avoid blue light lamps, which release serotonin and give us energy. Using spotlight lamps which illuminate family photos, clock, that is if you have them in a living room, to illuminate them is the best option.
  • For dining rooms: One must avoid extremely bright lights because the atmosphere in the dining room needs to be low. Using neutral or low tones which produce a dim effect is the best choice. In all three meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner this could work
  • Use bright blue tint light bulbs in kitchen: In a place like the kitchen one needs to be alert and in order to see in certain corners which would otherwise be hard to see, this light works the best.

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