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How to turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account

You must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Google account.

Using various online services definitely makes our life so much easier. Take Google as an example. What would we even do without it? But then, it also makes us vulnerable to various risks on the internet. It’s a popular saying that anything that is on the web is not safe. However, there are certain measures that you can take to add a layer of security on your accounts on various platforms. By doing this, you will be able to use the service and your data will remain secure at the same time.

Among the most basic things that you can do is keeping a strong password that has letters of both upper and lower cases, numbers and special characters. In addition to this, it is also often advised that having a unique password for all online services is better than having one password for all.

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However, having just a strong password is not enough. Luckily, the option of two-factor authentication is gaining more and more popularity by the day. Once you enable it, you would receive a notification whenever someone (even you) try to log in to your account, particularly if it’s happening from a new, unknown device.

So, if someone tries to hack your account, you would be informed immediately and can then take corrective actions like changing passwords. Today, we’ll be telling you how you can turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account. Since having access to your Google account can give anyone access to your Photos, Drive, Gmail and other connected services like YouTube, there is actually a lot that you have on stake if it gets hacked.

Here’s how you can enable two-factor authentication on your Google account:

  • Head over to the main two-factor authentication landing page.
  • Click on ‘Get Started’. You will then be asked to log in.
  • Enter your details and your phone number.
  • You will then have to choose if you wish to receive verification codes via a text message or a phone call.
  • You would also be given the option of using prompts that enable you to click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ whenever a login attempt occurs.
  • You can also choose to generate a security link.

In addition to this, we should add that Google gives its users the option of generating backup codes that can be used for offline access. You can generate up to ten at a given time and they can be used only once.

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