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Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcomm cut deals off with Huawei under the US ban

Seems like Huawei is having really hard days. The week started with the US government banning American suppliers from doing business with the Chinese smartphone brand. Following the US government’s Huawei ban, technology giant Google abruptly cancelling off the brand’s Android license and halting its access to its services. Now, a report has emerged on Bloomberg that says that Intel, Qualcomm and Bradcomm are cutting off their dealings with Huawei too and this will be effective immediately. We should mention that these three are the world’s leading chip suppliers.

Speaking more about Google’s cancelled deal, the company has cut off Huawei’s access to its Google Play Services and Play Store. It has dumped it out of the Android smartphone market and this means that Huawei will only be able to access the open-source version of Android operating system.

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According to Bloomberg, employees across the major US chipmakers have been told to freeze the supply deals with Huawei until further notice of continuing it. We should point out that Huawei takes processors from Intel for its laptops, and it also collects some modems and processors from Qualcomm. Since Huawei builds its own mobile processors, the cancellation of the deal with Qualcomm does not affect it too much.

Another report from Bloomberg states that Huawei was already prepared for this and has stockpiled chips from US suppliers, that is enough to last it at least three months. This time period will be long enough to tell if the US government’s Huawei ban is just a scare tactic or a permanent decision.

According to Nikkei, Europe may soon start doing the same as it quoted a source saying, “Infineon decided to adopt a more cautious measure and stopped the shipment. But it will hold meetings this week to discuss [the situation] and make assessments.”

Infineon also issued a statement saying, “the great majority of products Infineon delivers to Huawei is not subject to U.S. export control law restrictions, therefore those shipments will continue.”

Nikkei has also said that European chipmaker ST Microelectronics have discussed its shipments to Huawei all week.

We should also mention that Huawei has been developing in-house alternatives to Android and Windows, specifically to address a situation that has arisen with the United States’ ban. As of now, there is no word from Microsoft it will continue to provide Windows for Huawei laptops. But then, we don’t see it going against the US government.

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