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OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint sensor gets better with use

Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has revealed some details about its in-display fingerprint sensor that is used in its latest flagship OnePlus 6T. In a blog post that the company published on Sunday, OnePlus talked about how the technology works on the device and how it was being tested since OnePlus 5T was launched.

In the post, OnePlus has claimed that Screen Unlock learns through sophisticated algorithms while the owner uses the smartphone and uses the information to get better with time. The company’s copywriter Dale F said in the post that it took OnePlus more than a year in order to develop the ‘perfect’ Screen Unlock feature for OnePlus 6T. The blog post further said that OnePlus 6T (review) features a 2nd-gen optical fingerprint module.

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Along with the blog post, the company has also shared a graphic that shows that the smartphone’s unlock feature has a light source that illuminates the finger. A green coloured light is reflected that enables the sensor of the device to “see” the owner’s fingerprint and this then gets stored securely in the smartphone. It is worth noticing that whenever a fingerprint is scanned, it is matched with the fingerprint that was stored to unlock the device.

In the blog post, the company claims that OnePlus 6T mobile “uses sophisticated algorithms to improve over time as they learn more about the way you unlock your phone.”

A software engineer from OnePlus, Yale Liu, detailed how OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint scanner gets better with time. Liu said, “Every time a user successfully unlocks the phone with their fingerprint, the sensor also records areas of the finger that weren’t registered in the initial fingerprint setup stage. This fingerprint data is then added to the data the phone already holds, making it more complete. So, every time the in-display fingerprint sensor is used, it gathers more data about the user’s fingerprint. This means that over time, the phone will unlock even faster.”

Liu also said that the algorithms used are sophisticated enough to detect the fingerprint of the user even if it is wet or has been cut. In such cases, the date just gets added to the smartphone algorithm and this helps in improving the unlock speed in future.

The blog post has also given some tips to use the Screen Unlock feature to its maximum potential including upgrading to latest software versions, keeping your phone away from extreme temperatures, registering the fingerprint in a bright environment and making sure your finger is clean. The company has also recommended to use Face Unlock as well.

The company’s latest flagship, OnePlus 6T got the OxygenOS 9.0.5 software update in early November, which got improvements to the Screen Unlock feature.

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