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4 Best Educational Apps for a Busy Student

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Technological progress has changed the way students learn. There are hundreds of apps and other digital tools that improve the learning process both for students and their teachers. College can be hard on its own, so why stress out even more about difficult assignments? This is exactly why essay-writing app has gained more and more popularity in recent years.

Historical Context

The history of essay writing assignments has been very long and interesting. Not a lot of students enjoy this type of homework, but there is just no way around it. From traditional pen and paper to digital documents, essays have come a long way! In the past, every paper had to be handwritten, so there wasn’t any opportunity for online help or proofreading.

Over time, companies realized that they could use technology to help students. Today, we can use computers and other technologies to our advantage! This was when essay writing services were introduced! Learners can order a perfect paper with only one click on their computers or phones. In this article, I will show everything you need to know about these apps.

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Features And Functions Of Essay Writing Apps

Most of the apps that I have used before are pretty advanced, with the EssayPro App being at the top of my list. Even a couple of years ago, it would be hard to imagine that an app could help you create a well-structured paper with no grammar mistakes. These services definitely do more than simple spell-checking. Here are some of the functionalities that I have found myself:

  • Text editing and grammar checks. With the help of artificial intelligence, an app can easily suggest improvements to your text.
  • Outlining, mind-mapping, and paper organization. Essay writing is not only about writing your thoughts but also about structure.
  • User-friendly interface. I think that intuitive design is very important in an app, it makes me want to use it again.
  • Integration with other tools and platforms. Most of the apps that I’ve used are also connected to other tools, like citation generators and research databases.

Benefits Of Using Essay Writing Apps

In case you are not sure that you can trust an app for your projects, I can try to convince you! There are many benefits of using essay helpers during your learning process. Let’s take a closer look at them:

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  • They improve the quality of your writing. Most helpers offer their suggestions about improving your paper, as well as some feedback. You can take it and improve your writing skills in the future! Recent statistics show that more than 270 million users in 2020 decided to use some sort of educational apps to boost their writing and learning skills (Education App Revenue and Usage Statistics, 2023).
  • They save you some valuable time. Statistics show that 86% of US college students have trouble with time management (‌The Most Surprising College Student Time Management Statistics And Trends in 2023 • GITNUX, 2023). Ordering a paper is much easier and faster than doing it by yourself. You can spend this time on other essential things.
  • They promote consistent academic integrity. Most applications have plagiarism detection features. One research says that 62% of undergraduates have admitted to cheating on written assignments at least one time (Academic Integrity Initiatives, 2015). Apps can encourage you to produce original work and hold your academic integrity.

Comparative Analysis

I have explored several essay-writing apps for students and tested them myself. Here is what I found. I’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of each app and see what users have to say about them.

Rating App Verdict
1. EssayPro Best for quality
2. Scalenut Best for AI-powered feedback
3. Hemingway Best for readability improvement
4. Coggle Best for visual organization


First, let’s explore the strong and weak points of this writing app:


  • it has professional writers who will write a whole paper for you;
  • it has lots of subjects and topics;
  • it guarantees that the deadlines will be followed.


  • hiring a professional writer can be expensive;
  • not all students use essay help as an educational opportunity.

Here is what one of the users has to say about the EssayPro App: “My time on this application was definitely stress-free as it is self-explanatory and overall very easy to use. Plus I have never gotten my task this fast before. Thank you guys! I love ittt.”


This close-to-the-best writing app uses AI to improve your texts.


  • AI algorithms guarantee the best real-time feedback on grammar, structure, and overall style;
  • you can customize the level of feedback that you want to receive;
  • this app for writing can also detect plagiarism.


  • you can’t rely on AI only;
  • AI can’t fully detect your personal writing style.

Here is what a user has to say about this platform: “Scalenut has a number of great features, but my favorites are the keyword grouping, AI content writing interface, and cruise mode.”


Want to improve the readability of your texts? Well, look no further because the Hemingway platform has got your back!


  • it’s very simple to use;
  • it highlights any text areas that need improvement;
  • it also has a web version.


  • there is no in-depth analysis, only standard suggestions;
  • it focuses on sentence structure and word meaning in general.

I found one interesting review about this service online: “By highlighting instances where my sentence structure is too long or complex, it does seem that the Hemingway app has been able to help me improve the quality of my writing.”


This is an excellent organizational tool that I personally use for creating mind maps and visual outlines.


  • it promotes collaboration for group projects;
  • it serves as a visual tool for more content and ideas;
  • it can integrate other productivity tools.


  • it doesn’t edit text and check grammar;
  • it might be difficult to learn at first.

Here is what one student wrote about this service: “After a short while I fell in love with mind mapping served in this amazing form. Mind maps looks just great in this software, it’s gonna be one of my favourite tools.”

Challenges & Criticisms

Even though there are plenty of educational apps to choose from, there are still some concerns I found about using them on a regular basis. One concern about using help is that apps don’t fully understand nuanced writing styles. They don’t have cultural context or emotions to create a perfect paper that goes deeper than perfect grammar.

Students need to learn how to write papers by themselves. So, I might be worried that they depend on technology a little too much today. You need to find your own unique style, this will definitely help you in your career in the future! Finding a balance between your style and machine suggestions can be difficult. Not every AI suggestion will apply to your own style!

The Future Of Essay Writing Apps

Of course, this field is still fresh, so there are some advantages and disadvantages to think about. At the same time, I can say one thing for sure: these apps are not going away anytime soon! So, you better find a way to use them in your learning process. Here are some potential prospects for essay writing essay app in the nearest future:

  • predictive writing and AI features;
  • integration with VR and AR;
  • more features for accessibility and inclusivity.


Now you know about the best educational apps for students, their benefits, and the concerns around them. In reality, these platforms can be a great help to any learner! You just need to understand how to use them to your advantage instead of relying only on artificial intelligence and other technological tools.


How can essay writing apps help me in my studies?

These tools are specifically designed to help students in their learning process. Depending on your needs, you can ask to improve your paper, organize your ideas, find some grammar mistakes, and so on.

Can these platforms complete my assignments for me?

Actually, not all applications can write an essay for you, but some of them can! For example, EssayPro has many experts who can complete a project for you and offer some improvements to your existing papers.

Can they detect plagiarism?

Yes, many educational apps have a plagiarism detection feature. This can be a huge help if you are not completely sure that you cited your sources correctly.

Can these platforms improve my writing skills?

Yes! This is one of the most important benefits of using these tools. You can receive valuable feedback and adjust your writing style over time.

Are these platforms free to use?

While some of them are completely free, other apps require a payment plan. Don’t worry, though, they are completely affordable for a student!

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