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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs could ‘cast spells’ to keep employees motivated: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs always shared a love-hate relationship. Some say that they never really got along too well. The world saw them being cautious allies working together and...
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has admitted his ‘greatest mistake’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is one among the most successful entrepreneurs that the world has seen and he held the position of being the richest man for many years. However, this doesn't mean that...


Nubia Red Magic 3S

Nubia Red Magic 3S gaming smartphone review: Great gaming at an...

Gaming centric smartphones seem to be the newest trend that a number of technology companies are flocking to. This year has seen some remarkable...

How To's

How to create a checklist in Excel

How to create a checklist in Excel

Creating a checklist or To-Do list on Microsoft Excel for keeping a track of day to day work is very easy. Most of us use...