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IBM reveals new POWER10 processor CPU

IBM reveals new POWER10 processor: Here’s everything you must know

In order to offer a platform to meet the unique needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing, IBM revealed the next generation of its IBM POWER CPU family known as IBM POWER10. The IBM POWER10...
IBM fired more than 1,00,000 older employees to look 'cool': Report

IBM fired more than 1,00,000 older employees to look ‘cool’: Report

In a shocking revelation that has just come forward, a senior IBM employee has said in an ongoing discrimination lawsuit that the technology giant has fired around 1,00,000 employees in the last few years...

IBM wraps up its Red Hat acquisition for $34 billion

Last year, IBM had announced that it will be acquiring Red Hat for a whopping $34 billion, including debt. Now, the American technology giant has wrapped up the deal, making it one among the...
facial recognition

IBM used Flickr photos of people for facial recognition training without their consent

Facial recognition is a technology that a number of companies are working on. While most technology companies have already developed the program for themselves, some are still trying to improve it to deliver more...

IBM to acquire Red Hat for $34 billion

IBM Corp has announced that it will be acquiring the US based software company for $34 billion, including debt. According to Reuters, with this acquisition, the company eyes the diversify of its technology hardware...



Asus Zenbook 14X Space Edition laptop review: Innovative new laptop with...

Many do not know but it has been 25 years since Asus sent its laptop to space. On the silver jubilee of the occasion,...

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How To Hard Reset iPhone 13 (2022)? A Quick And Easy Stepwise Guide

How To Hard Reset iPhone 13 (2022)? A Quick And Easy...

It may happen sometimes that your iPhone starts acting up and doesn’t respond. Even turning it off then on or restarting doesn’t work. In...