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Airtel digital tv

Airtel digital TV snag pops up problem resolution code and alters subscriber details

Airtel woes just don’t seem to come down. First, they have to pay the AGR dues and penalties, which they have not paid since a very long time after a judgement against them and...

Is It Possible to Live in a Cashless Society?

Cash is still king, but it won’t be for very much longer. Around the globe, countries are adopting cashless payment methods from contactless and credit cards to e-banking and more. These new payment options...
Parents in India back mix of digital and experiential learning: HP Study

Parents in India rely on a mix of digital and experiential learning for children:...

American technology company Hewlett-Packard or HP Inc has today announced some key India-specific findings of its HP New Asian Learning Experience Study. The study has explored how the personalities of Asian millennial parents define...


Oppo F21 Pro

Oppo F21 Pro review: Full marks for style, but can the...

The Oppo F21 Pro is the latest smartphone by the company in the Indian smartphone market and it comes in two versions - one...

How To's

How To Highlight, Draw And Write On Android Smartphone Screenshots

How To Highlight, Draw And Write On Android Smartphone Screenshots

For those who haven’t tried it yet, annotating on screenshots is a total cakewalk. Android smartphones provide you with a range of inbuilt editing...