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Zoom acquires Keybase

Zoom acquires Keybase to build end-to-end encryption

In another milestone in Zoom’s 90-day plan to further strengthen the security of the video communications platform, Zoom has now announced the acquisition of Keybase to help the video conferencing app build end-to-end encryption...
Google Duo family mode

Google Duo shares ‘Family Mode’ to help users add pizzazz to video calls

In today’s unprecedented times when the world is battling COVID-19 pandemic, video calling has been a life-changing way for many of us to remain connected with our loved ones virtually. Google Duo has now...

Facebook won’t combine all its messengers this year

Recently, we have come to know that Facebook will be launching the end-to-end encryption and combine all its messaging platforms into one. This would lead to the integration of WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook....


Vivo X60 Pro review

Vivo X60 Pro review: A powerful smartphone with great cameras

We had been intrigued to use the Vivo X60 Pro smartphone ever since it was launched. The device runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, sports...

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E-Aadhaar download

How can you download and carry an E-Aadhaar card on your...

Aadhar card has been signified as an important identity verification all over the country. The implication of the Aadhaar card is the 12 digit...