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Facebook won’t combine all its messengers this year

Recently, we have come to know that Facebook will be launching the end-to-end encryption and combine all its messaging platforms into one. This would lead to the integration of WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook. The latest news about this feature is that it is not going to arrive this year. We are not going to see end-to-end encryption on Facebook throughout this year. Mark Zukerberg reportedly said that, the app integration is not going to arrive before 2020 and beyond.

The reason behind this, Mark Zukerberg is saying, is that they need to figure out some things. There is a lot of work going on around this. However, the date of the launch of this feature has not been specified. Zuckerberg talks about why would users want to use end-to-end encryption by citing awkward cases where someone might use the marketplace feature on Facebook, but then have to jump over to WhatsApp for messaging. He also talked about the fact that messenger combined with WhatsApp and Instagram can lead to an iMessage-like layer for SMS that offers more security and functionality.

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In terms of security, the end-to-end encryption will protect messages from being viewed by others, except the participants of the conversation. Things like strangers contacting people without sharing their phone numbers will get curbed. Even though the end-to-end encryption is aimed towards user safety, it won’t always conceal information. According to researchers, information regarding who is interacting with whom just might be shared. Facebook might come across users’ data that could expose their private information.

However, end-to-end encryption would be a very useful move as there are chances for it to curb terrorism that can happen using social media platforms. There have been reports in the past about terrorists and cyber attackers using non-secure messaging services. This move is being made in order to counter all these problems.

The EETE would allow Facebook users to send an encrypted message to another user who is not on Facebook, but WhatsApp and Instagram. There is still a lot of time for this to be established, and so it is hard to tell whether it will be boon or a bane for users.

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