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Facebook acquire GIPHY for Instagram

Facebook acquires GIPHY as a part of Instagram team

In order to allow users to find just the right way to express themselves, Facebook acquires GIPHY, a leader in visual expression and creation, as part of the Instagram team. In a blog post,...
Google adds an option to easily share GIFs from its Search

Google adds an option to easily share GIFs from its Search

GIFs are neither images nor videos. They lie just somewhere in between. It’s more like a small 5-6 second video that does not have sound. They are hugely popular on all social media channels...
Youtube testing a Twitch like clipping tool called Clips to share a small portion of a Creator’s video

How to create GIFs on WhatsApp and YouTube

GIFs make conversations with friends more fun. In simple words, we can say that they are like animated pictures that showcase our feelings better. However, most of us rely on websites like GIPHY to...



Sony WI-C100 wireless earphones review: Premium resonance built for everyone

While many think Sony builds gadgets and devices only for the wealthy, that is not true. They have a wide variety of products for...

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How to Bypass Samsung FRP Lock After Reset?

Our smartphones are one of the most personal devices in our lives. That is why built-in security is so important. However, sometimes, the built-in...