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Top ways to fix "google keeps stopping" error

Top ways to fix “Google keeps stopping” error

This is a very common problem, which many Android users across the globe have been facing in recent times. Buggy updates of the Google app might cause such issues. So, if you are also...

Know how Google Cloud’s new security features will help you safeguard your data

Google Cloud, not only helps its users to store data, but also invests in protecting and securing its customers’ data across all the products. "As enterprise storage needs grow, our security and compliance protections...
Google Pixel Personal safety and bed time smartphones features

Google Pixel smartphones now get new safety and bedtime features

In Google’s latest “Feature Drop” for pixel smartphones, the tech giant has announced that it is bringing latest updates to the Personal Safety app, Adaptive Battery improvements along with new Bedtime feature in Clock. As...

Know how Google Photos makes it easy and secure to share personal moments with...

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, sharing in Google Photos has registered a surge by 50 percent in some regions.  With this, Google has now introduced the default option to share an album with...
Google Maps rolling out a new community feed in the Explore Tab to Android and iOS users for nearby recommendations

Coronavirus outbreak: Google Maps pushes up ‘Takeaway’, ‘Delivery’ buttons to make life easy

As more and more people are practising social distancing amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Google Maps app has now pushed up new shortcut button that shows nearby stores offering ‘Takeaway’ or ‘Delivery’ services right atop...

COVID-19: Google Lens likely to get Education Mode, Offline Translations updates

With remote learning catching up in schools and universities across the globe owing to COVID-19 pandemic, news is rife that Google Lens will soon introduce updates like Education Mode and Offline Translations to make...

Google Camera App: 7 ways to enhances Android smartphone photography experience

If you have always desired to have a killer smartphone camera, you can now gain access to exceptional photography experience through your Android handset by downloading Google Camera App. At Gadget Bridge, we have...

Google Pixel smartphone users could soon record and transcribe calls

There have been numerous call-recording apps across the globe, but now news is rife that Google is prepping up to introduce call recording and transcribing service to its Pixel smartphone users. As per a...


Samsung Galaxy M14 5G review: Brilliant in the budget segment

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G review: Brilliant in the budget segment

In India, Samsung recently upgraded its M-Series with the release of the Galaxy M14 5G. It was given to us for review and has...

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How to Do a Duet on TikTok on Android or iOS?

How to Make a Duet on TikTok on Android or iOS?

TikTok videos are fun. But what makes them even more fun is when users in the community collaborate with each other and add interesting...

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