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agent smith malware

Google Drive security issue could disguise malicious files into legitimate documents

In the "manage versions" functionality that is being offered by Google Drive, the news is rife that hackers can now trick into unpatched security weakness to distribute malicious files that seemingly appear to be...
Google One app now offers some features for free to Android and iOS users

Google One app now offers some features for free to Android and iOS users

In 2019, Google had launched automatic phone backup for members on Android devices. So no matter what happens to the smartphone, the users won’t lose the important stuff like texts, contacts and apps, and...
7 Google Calendar tips gmail that will help you stay organized and productive

7 Google Calendar tips that will help you stay organized and productive

Time is the most valuable coin in your life. Whether we are working at home or in office, staying organized enhances our productivity as it becomes easier to switch from one task to another....
Chinese app china indian apps INDIA app ban alternate

Here are great alternatives to the Chinese apps that are banned in India

Amidst the rising tension between India and China, the Ministry of Information Technology has decided to block 59 apps in view of information available that these applications are engaged in activities which is prejudicial...
WeTransfer blocked in India Google Drive

WeTransfer gets blocked in India: Here’s everything you should know

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, popular file-sharing app WeTransfer is now reportedly ban in India as the Central government’s Department of Technology (DoT) has cited the national security and public interest reason behind this....
A guide to how to use Google Meet and change the layout

Google takes aim at Zoom, makes Meet available for free for everyone

With increased demand for video-conferencing solutions that provide security and reliability together with popular features like tiled view, Google Cloud has now announced that it is making Google Meet, the tech giant’s premium video-conferencing...

COVID-19 outbreak: Canon to host Virtual Press Conference on April 20th to launch new...

After monitoring the global response surrounding the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Canon has now announced today that it will be hosting a Virtual Press Conference to unveil the company’s new professional imaging products and...
Using Google Drive just got easier, now grant access to files directly from Gmail

How to make the most out of your Google storage

Let's face a fact: Our lives without Google is not something most of us would like to imagine. Whether its Gmail, Google Assistant or Google Photos - most services by the technology giant make...


Vivo X60 Pro review

Vivo X60 Pro review: A powerful smartphone with great cameras

We had been intrigued to use the Vivo X60 Pro smartphone ever since it was launched. The device runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, sports...

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YouTube ipad and iPhones

YouTube will bring picture and picture mode to iPhones and iPad:...

Now you will be able to watch YouTube while using other apps with the new PiP mode in Apple products. YouTube is introducing this...