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OnePlus continues to lead in India with highest recorded shipment in Q3 2019

Customer data breached yet again on OnePlus’s website

These days incidences of hacking and data breaches are growing. In the middle of it is again OnePlus. The company kept details to a minimum and did not specify what was hacked. However, OnePlus...
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Two in three hotel websites leak guest booking details: Symentec researcher

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Do make sure that you pick the right hotel or else you may have your information leaked. A Principal Threat Researcher at cybersecurity company Symantec, Candid...
game of thrones

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Arrow episodes used to spread malware: Report

We all love spending our free time in front of our television or laptop watching our favourite TV shows. Some of us even prefer video-streaming services over human company. And maybe this is the...

Hacker accesses Apple accounts of famous athletes and musicians, pleads guilty

Apple is known to keep its users’ data secure and treat their privacy as the top priority. However, it seems like there aren't any servers in the world that cannot be hacked. Earlier this...

Asus issues a fix for ‘ShadowHammer’ malware that was sent via its servers

In a rather shocking incident, a malware reportedly was sent from Taiwanese consumer electronics company Asus' servers to over a million PCs. A report surfaced online earlier this week which claims that the software...

Asus software update servers were used to send malware to PCs: Report

Taiwanese consumer electronics maker Asus has revamped its strategy in the last year in order to make its mark in various segments of the smartphone market. While it launched devices like Asus Zenfone Max...

After 750 million, hacker puts another set of 93 million hacked databases for sale:...

A few days back, we reported that a hacker has stolen data of hundreds of million users leaked in various data breaches and put them on sale on a Dark Web marketplace. Now, the...
Microsoft says 1 million computers are still exposed to Windows security exploit

620 million accounts from hacked websites go on sale on dark web: Report

With the number of data breaches going up, privacy on the internet is literally becoming a myth. In what can be termed as the latest among these privacy breaches, cybercriminals have reportedly put 617...

Over 700 million emails IDs, 21 million passwords leaked in Collection #1 data breach:...

In one among the biggest data breaches that the world has seen in recent years, 773 million unique email IDs and 21 million unique passwords have been compromised, according to a web security researcher...
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Quora says hackers have stolen 100 million user’s data, including private messages

Reports like these send shivers down our spine. We really cannot trust the most trusted of services and apps. Hackers find a loophole to steal data and use it to their benefit. The latest...


Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Review: A great mid-ranger for everyday use

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Review: A great mid-ranger for everyday use

After unveiling its flagship Galaxy S series in February, Samsung turned its focus to the midrange segment in March, expanding its A series portfolio....

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Top 4 Ways to open RAR files on an iPhone

Top 8 ways to Free up Space on Your iPhone and...

If you find yourself running out of storage space on your smartphone, we don’t blame you. As smartphone cameras and processors get more powerful,...

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