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How to lock your keyboard and trackpad on your laptop for safety?

How to lock your keyboard and trackpad on your laptop for safety?

For people who spend a lot of time on their laptops for work, most of their valuable work is saved on the computer. There are times when you leave your laptop unattended. For such...
keyboard shortcuts

How to fix keyboard shortcuts not working on laptop or PC? 5 Ways you...

A laptop without a functioning keyboard is unimaginable. Hardship will be faced if the keyboard is not working. And the keyboard shortcuts make working on a laptop or PC easier and faster. There are...
Microsoft KEyboard

Microsoft upgrades its new keyboards, come with dedicated Emoji and Office 365 keys

Emoji’s are the new way of expressing oneself on the digital platform. Most of us use it on popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger. While most use them on the mobile platform,...
HyperX alloy origins

HyperX launches the first gaming keyboard which has its own switch design

Kingston Technology's HyperX has been making gaming keyboards for a few years and much like other manufacturers, it uses Cherry MX or Kailh key switches, depending upon the price of its products. Now, at...

HyperX Launches Alloy FPS RGB Gaming keyboard in India

A new gaming keyboard has been launched by HyperX, a subsidiary of Kingston Technologies, which is called the Alloy FPS RGB. The keyboard features a solid steel alloy framework in a compact design that...

20 keyboard shortcuts you must know to save time

Wouldn’t you do anything to get free from work quickly? We know that you would. And what if we told you that it’s literally in your hands to do so. We really mean it....


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Review: A Great Device For Professional Use

We finally were able to get our hands on the latest tablet model in the market from the Samsung brand, the new Samsung Galaxy...

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How To Hard Reset iPhone 13 (2022)? A Quick And Easy Stepwise Guide

How To Hard Reset iPhone 13 (2022)? A Quick And Easy...

It may happen sometimes that your iPhone starts acting up and doesn’t respond. Even turning it off then on or restarting doesn’t work. In...