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20 keyboard shortcuts you must know to save time

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Wouldn’t you do anything to get free from work quickly? We know that you would. And what if we told you that it’s literally in your hands to do so. We really mean it. The solution has been there in front you all the time, but now is the time to know how you can use it.

We are talking about your desktop’s or laptop’s keyboard. It is not just a fancy version of the good old typewriter that was used earlier. There are a number of functions that you can perform using it and believe us, you may also consider giving up on your mouse once you do. And needless to say, you would be saving a lot of time at work, which will boost your efficiency and allow you to end your day timely.

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If you have any experience with a keyboard, we know that you would already be aware of shortcuts like Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C and Ctrl +V. So we are not including the obvious ones. Read our list to know 20 useful keyboard shortcuts that will help you save your time:

Windows key + Print Screen


Take a screenshot of your entire desktop and automatically save it in the Screenshots folder in ‘Pictures’.

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Windows key + number

Keyboard 2

If you have apps pinned to taskbar, you can use this shortcut to access these apps as indicated by the number. So if you press Windows key + 1, the app pinned first in the chronological order would open up.

Windows key + M

Keyboard 3

Minimize all opened programs on your system to go desktop.

Windows key + Shift + M

Keyboard 4

Restore all minimized programs on your system.

Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key

Keyboard 5

Select text. If you press the side arrows, you will be able to select word wise, and with up and down arrows, you will be able to select the text line-wise.

Shift + Page Up or Page Down

Keyboard 6

Move cursor up or down the screen and simultaneously select text.

Alt + Tab

Keyboard 7

Switch between all open items on your system.

Shift + Delete

Keyboard 8

Delete items permanently without moving them to the Recycle Bin.

Ctrl + Z

Keyboard 9

Undo the last action you performed.

Ctrl + Y

Keyboard 10

Redo an action you just performed.

Windows key + D

Keyboard 11

Go to the desktop.

Windows key + I

Keyboard 12

Open Settings.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Keyboard 13

Access the Task Manager.

Ctrl + Tab

Keyboard 14

Go to the next opened tab.

Ctrl + Click / Shift + Click

Keyboard 15

Select multiple items or files.

Alt + F4

Keyboard 16

Close any active Windows app on your system.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Reopen last closed browser tab on your system.

Ctrl + D

Keyboard 18

Bookmark the webpage that is currently active.

Windows key + (+) or (-)

Keyboard 19

Zoom in or zoom out using the magnifier.

Windows key + L

keyboard 20

Lock your PC.

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