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On Xiaomi Phones

Top 10 smartphones with the highest megapixel selfie camera in India

We all have been there in a spot or a situation where our selfie camera didn’t perform to our expectations. It may be poor quality of image due to low megapixels or bad lighting,...

5 things we know about Samsung’s Pop Up, rotating smartphone, which you should be...

Samsung recently released its first pop-up, rotating smartphone camera patent. World Intellectual Property recently published a patent for this feature for Samsung. The motive behind this technology is to utilize a pop-up selfie camera...

How to click the perfect selfie in any type of light conditions

Selfie, a millennial fad which was named as the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries in the year 2013, has indubitably ginger up the social media. No second thought about its popularity, which...

Selfie obsession: Two teenagers drown in river Tapi

While the smartphone has made life easier for many, it has caused a lot of trouble for some too. Starting from distracted driving to selfie deaths, the list just goes on. Adding to the...


Micromax In 2b

Micromax In 2b review: The budget buy to go for

Are you planning to buy an entry-level smartphone? Micromax In 2b may be one of the options you would be considering. The smartphone has...

How To's

Now you can add music to your Instagram feed posts: Here is how to add music to your Instagram feed posts?

Now you can add music to your Instagram feed posts: Here...

Photo sharing app owned by Meta has officially announced that it has kicked off testing the ability to add music to your feed post....