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267 million Facebook user’s data leaked on the web

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Facebook claims to be removing 1 million abusive and spam...

Social media giant Facebook has today said that it is removing or blocking out around one million accounts per day keeping in mind that the first phase of Lok Sabha polls is just days...

Facebook will now tell you why you see a particular post in your News...

Social media giant Facebook has announced a new feature called 'Why am I seeing this post?' The newly launched feature by Facebook enables users to see information about why a particular post has been...
youtube 3

PewDiePie Vs T-Series: The Indian company finally takes a good lead to become the...

The battle between T-series and PewDiePie has been going on since last year. And each time the former outnumbered the latter in terms of followers on YouTube, PewDiePie’s followers surged up quickly. However, today...
Facebook started rolling out a new photo transfer tool

Facebook ads on housing, job and credit can no longer be targeted

Social media giant Facebook has said in a statement today that it will end some targeting options for advertisements that have the potential of being discriminatory. This move came as a part of a...


LG Tone Free Fit (DTF7Q) Review: Clean listening experience

LG Tone Free Fit (DTF7Q) Review: Clean listening experience

One thing that has concerned us consistently is how easily some of the TWS earbuds fall off while exercising vigorously or dancing. This is...

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7 best ways to fix alarm volume too high or low on iPhone

Top 4 ways to set an alarm on your Android Phone

If you sleep with your smartphone beside you, you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up every morning. Your Android phone offers...

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