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15 Microsoft PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts every beginner should know

Do you find working with Microsoft Powerpoint a tedious job. Use these keyboard shortcuts and get the job done in no time.

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Microsoft PowerPoint is used extensively in multinational corporations, educational institutions, government organizations, and hospitals for making presentations. The designing task requires editing, formatting, and arranging the elements now and then. The following shortcuts will help you use all the important functionalities conveniently and efficiently.

1) Jump to Nth slide in a slideshow

Slide Number + Enter Key

Once you start the slideshow, his shortcut helps you jump to the Nth slide in your presentation where N is the index of the slide you want to jump to.

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2) Display a black or white slide (in slideshow mode)

B => Black slide

W=> White slide

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This shortcut enables you to pause your presentation during a slideshow. Pressing the same key again resumes the slideshow.

3) Duplicate active slides


This shortcut replicates the current slide in your presentation and places it right after.

Duplicate active slides
Duplicate active slides

4) Start Slideshow from the first slide

Shortcut: F5

This shortcut launches the slide show right from the first slide in your presentation.

5) Start Slideshow from the current slide

Shortcut: SHIFT + F5

This shortcut begins the slide show right from the current page. It is of great utility when you want to restart the slideshow after editing a page.

5) Go to the next or previous slide

Page Down=> Go to the next slide

Page Up=> Go to the previous slide

6) Display the Shortcuts menu

shortcut: SHIFT + F10

Once you are in the slideshow, this shortcut equivalent function of the right-click. Thus, it helps you to get complete control of your keyboard.

Display the Shortcuts menu
Display the Shortcuts menu

7) Show the Slideshow Help shortcuts

Shortcut: F1

When the Slideshow mode is on, this command will show all the slide show shortcuts to swiftly navigate your presentation.

Show the Slideshow Help shortcuts
Show the Slideshow Help shortcuts

8) Insert a hyperlink

Shortcut: CTRL + K 

To insert a hyperlink in a text, select the text and use the above shortcut. This shortcut saves much time when you have to handle multiple hyperlinks.

Insert a hyperlink
Insert a hyperlink

9) Justify alignment

Shortcut: CTRL + J

You can easily switch the alignment of a piece of text to ‘Justify’ by the above shortcut.

10) Jump to the beginning or end of a line

END=> Jump to the end of a line

HOME => Jump to the beginning of a line

11) Launch thesaurus

Shortcut: SHIFT + F7

This shortcut opens up the thesaurus for you to get suggestions of synonyms for a word in the text.

Launch thesaurus
Launch thesaurus

12) Open the Font dialog box

Shortcut: CTRL + T

You can modify the font style and font size of a text by this shortcut without going to the menubar.

13) Change the text case 

Shortcut: SHIFT + F3

In your presentation, you can switch between lowercase and uppercase swiftly by using the above shortcut.

Change the text case 
Change the text case

14) Make text subscript or superscript

You can convert a piece of text into subscript or superscript by the following shortcuts:

CTRL + ‘=‘ subscript

CTRL + SHIFT + ‘=’ superscript

15) Open the spell check engine

Shortcut: Press F7

You get assured of the spelling of a word and grammar by opening the spell check engine.

Open the spell check engine
Open the spell check engine

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